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Sanada Maru Episodes 4-6

Episodes of Sanada Maru

Episode 4 "Chosen"(Challenge)

Masayuki and Nobushige visit Hokkeji Temple to meet ODA Nobunaga. There Nobushige meets TOKUGAWA Ieyasu also. Masayuki is driven into a corner by ODA Nobutada, eldest son of Nobunaga over a doubtful letter to UESUGI Kagekatsu though he decides to serve the Odas. However he insists that such ingenuity is needed to a local lord as him to survive the troubled times and becomes defiant.

Matsu, daughter of Masayuki is going to Azuchi as hostage to Nobunaga. At that time, her husband OYAMADA Shigemasa, brother of Nobushige who betrayed TAKEDA Katsuyori is sheltered in a vacant temple. Nobuyuki tells his sister to decide where he should go and live.

It has been decided that the Sanadas serve TAKIGAWA Kazumasu, one of the vassals of Nobunaga and Masayuki offers Iwabitsu Castle and Numata Castle to him. After that Matsu heads for Azuchi with Nobushige and attendants one of whom is Shigemasa disguising as  manservant. But just after her arrival, Nobunaga is killed by AKECHI Mitsuhide at Honnoji Temple, Kyoto.

Episode 5 "Kyuchi" (Predicament)

The death of Nobunaga made people in Azuchi panicked. Nobushige and Shigemasa try to rescue and make Matsu and other hostages most of whom are women and children escape. But they are chased and ovdertaken by the soldiers of AKECHI Mitsuhide at last.

TOKUGAWA Ieyasu learns the affair on his way from Sakai to Kyoto. At first he decides to go to Kyoto and save Nobunaga but his vassals persuades him not to do so. Then he hurries to Mikawa (eastern part of current Aichi) getting over difficulties to avoid the attack of Mitsuhide.

And local lords of Shinano includes Masayuki decide that they serve Uesugi Kagekatsu instead of Nobunaga. He accepts it but refuses driving away Nobunaga's army who threaens him on the pretext of his motto righteouness. But in fact he cannot afford to back the local lords up.

Episode 6 "Meiso" (Adrift)

Matsu, who is cornered by Mitsuhide's army throws herself into Lake Biwa. Though Shigemasa laments for the death of his wife, Nobushige encourages him to live with a strong will. In fact she is saved by a fisherman but loses her memory.

At that time, many of Nobunaga's vassals watch for an opportunity to attack Mitsuhide and Hashiba Hideyoshi is considered to be the most likely a new ruler. As Masayuki notices that Takigawa Kazumasu drops out from succession struggle, he begins maneuvering daimyos near him.

Nobushige returns to Shinano and is scolded for his bungle by Masayuki and his mother Kaoru blames him.  He goes to Ume's house and has her listen to his anguish of heart. Later he tells Masayuki that he loves Shinano that inspires his father not to make any daimyo invade his territory.

The image shows Masami Nagasawa as Kiri.
(From the guidebook published by Sankei Shimbun)

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