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Sanada Maru Episodes 1-3

Episodes of Sanada Maru

Episode 1  “Funade” (Sailing Out)

In February 1582, ODA Nobunaga begins his invasion into Kai, domain of the Takeda clan. TAKEDA Katsuryori, lord of Kai is persuaded by one of his vassals ATOBE Katsusuke to move his Iwadono Castle. On the other hand, SANADA "Awanokami" Masayuki asks his lord to move to Iwabitsu Castle, one of the castles of the Sanada clan.

Though Masayuki is trusted by Katsuyoi, it is not long since the Sanadas came to serve the Takeda clan. ATOBE and OYAMADA Nobushige insist that Katsuyori should move to Iwadono Castle and Katsuyori decides to accept it at last. Meanwhile some of the vassals includes ANAYAMA Baisetsu betray Katsuyori and serve Nobunaga.

Finally Katsuyori is betrayed by OYAMADA Nobushige when he arrives at Iwadono Castle and forced to turn back with a small party of sodiers. And Masayuki's family departs for Iwabitsu Castle in Kozuke, current Gunma.

Episode 2  "Ketsudan" (Decision)

Katsuyori fights his last battle and killed himself on 11 March 1582. After that, ODA Nobutada, son of Nobunaga is stationed in Kai. He executes OYAMADA Nobushige who betrays his former lord Katsuyori. and it makes his brother Shigemasa be puzzled. He is also a husband of Matsu, daughter of Masayuki. In contrast, TOKUGAWA Ieyasu welcomes ANAYAMA Baisetsu though he doesn't appreciate him at the bottom of his heart .

Masayuki's family travels to Iwabitsu Castle disguising themselves as farmers. Then OYAMADA Hachizaemon, one of the vassals for Shigemasa appears and guides them to Iwabitsu Castle but it's a false. They are saved by Masayuki who comes there. In Iwabitsu Castle, he tells his sons Nobuyuki and Nobushige that he is going to serve ODA Nobunaga.

Episode 3  "Sakuryaku" (Stratagem)

As Ieyasu is allied with the Odas, he enters Takato Castle, one of the military bases of the Takedas and finds OYAMADA Shigemasa who fled from battlefield. Though HONDA Tadakats, one of Ieyasu's vassals proposes murdering the man to his lord but Ieyasu sets him free.

The Sanadas come back to Sanada Manor in Shinano from Iwabitsu Castle. Masayuki assembles kunishu, local lords of northern Shinano to discuss which daimyo they should serve but their talk breaks down. Then Masayuki cheats one of his rivals MUROGA Masatake with a pretended letter but it also cheats his eldest son Nobuyuki. Later he knows the truth and feels afraid that he is not trusted by his father.

Nobushige meets Kiri, his childhood friend and daughter of TAKANASHI Naiki, vassal for Masayuki. She loves Nobushige but it seems that he prefers Ume, younger sister of local samurai HOTTA Sakubei lives in a village of the manor. At that moment they meet with a trouble of villagers with the people of Muoga's manor. Ume resists bravely but Kiri does not know what to do in such a situation.

The movies of episodes can be watched from the below link.
Story | 2016 NHK Historical Drama, "Sanada Maru"

The image shows Yo Oizumi as SANADA Nobuyuki.
(From the guidebook published by the Sankei Shimbun)

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