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The Adventure of the Headmaster with Trouble

One night a man with eye mask visits 221B and requests Holmes to take back his photo. He is Headmaster Ormstein who has adulterous relationship with Irene Adler who threatens him by sending it she and Ormstein are in to his wife. Holmes accepts it and he pretends to be ill and goes to nurse's office on the following day. He observes the behaviour of Irene Adler who nurses him but gets nervous a bit in her presence. After that, he hears a man's voice and finds it's Godfrey Norton who teaches art. He and Miss Adler draw portraits of Ormstein together.

"Which one do you think is well drawn, Sherlock Holmes?"(Irene Adler, Holmes and Godfrey Norton. From left to right)

Holmes who returns to 221B tells what happened in nurse's office and asserts that Irene and Norton are going together. He also tells his roommate to make her panic by a false fire and take back the photo. He visits nurse's office again and signals Watson to set fire to a smoke candle.Then Holmes approaches a box that she glances at and tries to take it away but Irene tells him not only to look but observe it. There is a photo at the bottom of the box indeed but not the one he searches. It is the photo of her and Norton. She tells Holmes that she sees through everything and plans to marry Norton.

Finally Holmes and Watson search the room of the Headmaster and Holmes finds the photo behind a photo of Ormstein's family. He is given it as a token of Ormstein's gratitude. Later He cuts the part of Irene from the photo and sticks it in a drawer. 
Holmes and Ormstein
Holmes and Ormstein


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