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最初の冒険 2/The First Adventure 2






Holmes, Watson and Lestrade go to the room of Enoch Drebber who is taken to hospital and find shell of two boiled eggs. Drebber makes Jefferson Hope, an Archer House pupil serve his meal to his room for Dealer House pupils are permitted to dine in their rooms. Hope says that he knows nothing about the eggs however Holmes seems to find something. Then Grimesby Roylott appears and tells them to go back to their rooms.

After coming back to their room, Watson askes Holmes about Roylott but Holmes tells him that he is a "worthless man whose only pleasure is scolding pupils". Then Lestrade comes again and tells them another Dealer House pupil Joseph Stangerson falls ill as well as Drebber. And they find shell of two eggs in his room also and a scrap of chain. Holmes remembers that a chain peeps from Hope's uniform. 

It is Hope who causes the trouble. About a few months ago, He was forced to keep company with a secret gamble of Drebber and Stangerson. Because he lost it and had no money to pay to them. they deprived his watch, a keepsake of his father. After that, their gamble was found out and they framed Hope and he was told to leave school. Then He decided to take revenge on them and finally succeeds in making them eat rotten eggs and takes back his watch.

Watson encourages Hope who drops his shoulders saying that they have the future and emphasises his last name "Hope" though he was also encouraged by Holmes a few days ago. Hope has a talent of sculpture and makes a splendid plaster work in the shape of hippo however Holmes breaks it to find a ring. The affair of breaking plaster works by Beppo is caused by the fact that he hid a female pupil's ring in a half-dried work. That's why Beppo breaks them one after another for he cannot tell which he hid it.

Soon after Hope leaves school. And Holmes breaks his own plaster work by himself and finds a ring - it is hidden in his "peanut". Then Mrs. Hudson visits 221B with a basket full of cookies to thank Holmes who clears her from the charge. She kisses him and Watson and leaves.

MrsHudson 2
ハドソン夫人の疑いは晴れた。/Mrs. Hudson's charge is cleared.


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