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最初の冒険 1/The First Adventure 1








The episode is based on "A Study in Scarlet"and "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons"

I will write about the episodes in broadcast order regularly except "The adventure of the Cheerful Fout" and "The Adventure of Henry Baskerville and a Dog" that are uploaded already.

John H. Watson transfers from Australia to Beeton school for his father goes into practice as doctor in Britain and becomes to live in 221B of Baker House. His new roomate is a pupil called Sherlock Holmes. His eccentricity makes his former roomates suffer nervous breakdown and it's one of the reasons why he becomes to live with him.

Holmes looks isolated and spends all his time experiment when he is in his room and usually sleeps during class. But he has sharp powers of observation and advises Watson not to eat Mrs. Hudson's cookie for she has cat's hair on her apron. On the other hand, he is sunk in thought ignoring Watson's story. Watson envys his roommate who says that investigation is lifework for he loses his aim by retiring from playing rugby because of the injury of his left leg.

At that time, pupils'plasterworks are broken in succession in the school. And Watson is suspected of breaking them by Deputy Head Moriarty but Holmes defends him by his reasoning though Beppo, who brings Moriarty alog emphasises that someone who breaks it escapes at full speed and leaps a fence. Holmes tells him it's impossibe for Watson who has an injury to his left leg cannot run so fast.

Holmes finds out that Beppo did it. Moriarty tells Watson who is about to bear the blame not to do so and leaves. After that, Watson asks Holmes to show him his plaster work that must be the shape of hippo though it looks like a peanut to all seeming.

Then Lestrade runs into 221B and tells them that a Dealer House pupil suffers stomachache and is taken to hospital. Grimesby roylott says that it is caused by eating Mrs. hudson's cookie but Holmes says it cannot be for many pupils eat her cookies.

Watson, Holmes and Lestrade
左からワトソン、ホームズ、そしてレストレード/Watson, Holmes and Lestrade (from left to right)


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