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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 7

Kamē's house for a secret rendezvous with Yoritomo is burnt. It is Yoshitsunē who burnt the house but Maki No Munēchika, elder brother of Riku, wife of HǑJǑ Tokimasa. Yoritomo makes Yoshitsunē confine to Ǒkura Gosho, Yoritomo's residence and office. Munēchika is banished and it makes Tokimasa and Riku angry and they leave Kamakura and return to Izu. On the other hand, Minamoto no Yukiiē who killed Yoritomo's brother Gien in a battle goes to Shinano where is ruled by Kiso no Yoshinaka, cousin of Yoritomo. Yoritomo is afraid that Yoshinaka who also has a power will drive out the Taira Clan instead of him.

The vassals are against the idea of Yoritomo

There is rumour that Fujiwara no Hidehira who rules Norther Japan go south to fight with Yoritomo. So he commands  Mongaku to curse Hidehira. And many gokenin (vassals of Yoritomo) don't agree with their lord who plans to dispatch troops to Shinano. Then Yotiromo and decides to send messengers includes Yoshitoki to Yoshinaka instead and allies him. And his son Yoshitaka is sent to  Kamakura as hostage to confirm the relationship. Behind the scenes, the Hiki Clan attempts to make their nieces marry Yoshitsunē and Noriyori and Kamē who is an educated woman in fact tells Masako how a wife of Kamakura dono should be.

Yoshinaka (Munataka Aoki), ruler of Shinano

Yoshitoki who secretly loves Yaē often takes food to her. Though she is perplexed at first, she gets to accept him as her husband. And Yoshinaka who gains control as far as Hokuriku region and beat the Taira Clan in the Battle of Kurikara and goes to Kyoto. However, his behaviour and dress code fail in propriety and is considered to be reckless by the court nobles. In addition, he is rumoured to make peace with the Taira Clan secretly and it disadvantages him.

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