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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 4

TAIRA no Kiyomori plans to kill Yoritomo who raised an army against himself. He knows that it's Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa who urged Yoritomo to subjugate him. Meanwhile Yoshitoki visits KAZUSA no Hirotsuné, one of the influential samurais in the Kantō region to ask him to take the side of Yoritomo. Hirotsuné is unwilling to back Yoritomo up but is persuaded by CHIBA Tsunetané who is one of the samurais in Kantō also to support him. And Yoshitoki also asks KAHIWARA no Kagetoki, who served ŌBA no Kagechika but saved the life of Yoritomo at Mt. Ishibashi.

Yoshitoki  (Shun Oguri, left) meets Kazusa no Hirotsuné (Kōichi Satō)

Hirotsuné puts off his answer. Yoritomo cannot wait his answer any more but Yoshitoki succeeds in winning him over to Yoritomo's side. At first, Hirotsuné plans to kill him if he has no capacity for commanding but he realises that he can lead samurai as commander and decides to serve him. At the same time, Masako knows that her husband is alive and meets ANO no Zenjō, a monk and one of the half-brothers of Yoritomo who visits Izu-san Gongen (Izu-san Shrine) where she, her sister Mi-i and Riku, wife of Tokimasa stay. And they escape from the shrine as they feel in danger.

Yoritomo (Yō Ōizumi) marches to Kamakura with his army

Yoritomo’s soldiers go on increasing. And TAKEDA Nobuyoshi, who rules Kai (Yamanashi) Province takes the side of Yoritomo also. But there is a reason that his province will be attcked first if the army of the Taira Clan marches toward the east. And at last Yoritomo and his army reach Kamakura and he plans to build a gosho, a residence and an office for him. His power confuses the samurais who are close to the Taira Clan and Kagetoki gives up his master Kagechika and in Ōshū (Tohoku region), Minamoto no Yoshitsuné, who is a half-brother of Yoritomo as ANO no Zenjō departs for Kamakura with his vassals. He stayed in the residence of FUJIWARA no Hidehira who rules Ōshū.

Yoshitsuné (Masaki suda, second from the right) says good-bye to Hidehira (Min Tanaka, second from the left)


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