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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 1

Subsequentially to "seiten o Tsuke", I plan to write about "Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin", this year's Taiga Drama sries.

Though an English subtitle "The 13 Lords of the Shogun" is given to it, I use Japanese title in preference to English one.

The series is set in early Kamakura era, from late 12th century to early 13th century. At that time, samurais grow in strength and the Taira clan actually governed Japan. And Minamoto no Yoritomo, a member of the Minamoto clan and lost his father Yoshitomo and brothers in the Heiji rebellion in 1160.

After the war, Yoritomo was saved his life and was exiled to Izu Province.

Later he planned to take revenge on Taira no Kiyomori, head of the Taira clan but he had no soldiers. And at that time, many of samurais served Kiyomori and it was so hard for him to take up arms. At this moment, he becomes to know HŌJŌ no Masako, daughter of HŌJŌ no Tokimasa, one of the landholders in Izu and it influences the life of Yoshitoki, younger brother of Masako.


Shun Oguri as HŌJŌ no Yoshitoki
(From the official website of "Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin")

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