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古畑中学生 3/Furuhata Chugakusei 3







A memory of Ninzaburo Furuhata, inspector of Tokyo Metropolitan Police

A strange pupil called Ninzaburo Furuhata transfers to a junior high school in a village of Yamanashi and he becomes to make friends with Otokichi Mukojima. As he solves some troubles in the school, he is recommended to open a detective office in a tumbledowan house. At first, he doesn't expect any request but three people as Gamagori who is a headman's assistant of the vilage, Manabe who is a classmate of Furuhata, a priest (osho) of a Buddhist Temple.request him to solve their troubles. And Nonoyma who teaches science at his junir high school to whom Furuhata opens his mind proposes him an idea of treasury hunting though the teasury is not found.

Furuhata and Mukojima steal into the school when Manabe requests them to search his trumpet left in the school at nighttime. After finding it, Furuhata and Mukojima make a noise on purpose outside the room of deputy headmaster and are scolded by Deputy Headmaster Moriwaki. After that he asks Furuhata what is right and wrong and tells him that he should not label those who is against him as bad people.

After a while, Furuhata finds that he and Mukojima are obliged to be away from their office alomost every day. Besides it, the height of the soil piled up near fields increases day by day. And Asuka, granddaughter of osho is chased by a man on her way from one of osho's parishioners. Furuhata and Mukojima chases him and find the smudges on the cuffs of his jacket and shirt. They are similar to those of Gamagori who stained his clothes when he visited their office whose remodeling was just finished.

That night Furuhata falls in a holre in his office. Then Nonoyama who hears the sound enters but he and Gamagori, and osho arranged meeting there beforehead to murder the boys in reality. It's them who stole the treasury and plan to hide in the hole that is digged by themselves and that's why the soil near field increases. But many patrol cars arrive there and Moriwaki who knows everything approaches the house. Before being taken to the police, Nonoyama appreciates Furuhata's ability of decryption but Moriwaki says that it's him who decrypted it first but he dared to leave it untouched. He tells him not to look only at the surface but read a person's mind.

Asuka is adpted by another relartive because of the arrest of osho. And Furuhata himself also leaves the village due to a trouble of his mother who works in a nightclub. Before leaving the house, he gives "The Hound of the Baskervilles" read by him many times to Mukojima.


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