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Cells at Work!

Have you ever read "Cells at Work!"? 

It’s a Japanese manga series that personifies the cells in a human's body and the original title is "Hataraku Saibō". The main characters are red blood cell, white blood cell, platelet, killer T cell, macrophage and other immune cells. Especially red blood cell (AE3803) is a de facto main character and is portrayed as young woman who is busy carrying oxygen or nutrients to various cells. She always takes the wrong way and is warned by her senior. One day she carries out delivering oxygen to a cell via capillary but white blood cell secretly helps her by killing viruses who try to disturb her.

White blood cell (neutrophil) dresses in white and is portrayed as young man (1146) and uses daggers to kill viruses and bacterium who invade into a body. He is usually spattered by blood from his victim after killing the invaders. He and his fellows (other neutrophils) sometimes works with killer T cells or macrophage. He occasionally meets AE3803 in a body. According to the volume 4 of the original works, the beginning of their relationship is thought to begin in their childhood. Young 1146 (myelocyte) tries to save AE3808 (erythroblast) from Pseudomonas aeruginosa but it is beyond his capacity. Then an adult neutrophil and macrophage who takes care of erythroblasts hurry to them and they are safe.

Then young AE3803 asks the young 1146 that she wants to meet him again someday. And then, they meets each other in the series.

I plan to write about the series and its spin off works if I have time.  


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