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"What Did You Eat Yesterday?"

”What Did You Eat Yestereday?" (Kinō Nani Tabeta?) is a comic book series by Fumi Yoshinaga who is famous for her works that describes the lives of gay people. In the comic, a gay couple one of whom is Shirō Kakei, a lawyer and the other is Kenji Yabuki who works at a beauty saloon as stylist.

Kenji is effeminate in his manner and loves cute and/or colourful things. He uses gay male speech. But Shirō is an ordinary man at first glance and he doesn't come out his coworkers that he is a gay. Though Kenji is not his type, he is occasionally saved by his cheerfulness and careful consideration.

Anyway, cooking is most important in the series. Even though they have words with each other, food gives an opportunity for them to reconcile. Shirō usually cooks dinner using the ingredients he buys on his way to home but Kenji sometimes cooks especially when Shiro has a cold in the volume 4. As the story progresses, they get to know Kayoko Tominaga, a housewife and another gay couple Daisaku Kohinata and Wataru "Gilbert" Inoue. 
This series was dramatised by TV Tokyo in 2019 and a special version was broadcast on the New Year's Day of 2020. The DVDS appear in the market in Japan. This year a film adaption will be produced. 

A few weeks ago, I ordered one of the English translations to check the difference between Japanese version and that in English.

Hidetoshi Nishijima as Shirō Kakei (left) and Seiyō Uchino as Kenji Yabuki in TV Tokyo's series

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