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Kōichi, Daichi, Tarō Sakamoto and the employees of Kohaze-ya celebrate Hiroto Mogi's victory over Naoyuki Kezuka. However, the papers on the following day say that Kezuka could not do his best because of his bad condition and devote very little space to praise Mogi's run. And in the sport magazine whose editor interviewed with Mogi, there is no mention of Rikuoh. It seems that the press doesn't want to praise Mogi but hope that Kezuka will be back in good form. Moreover, Asia Industries advertise in the magazine. Mogi gets angry with it.

Hiroto Mogi (Ryōma Takeuchi, centre) and his teammates read the magazine but their expectations are betrayed.

To make the matter worse, Tachibana Raschel, a company who provides the texture for the upper of Rikuoh asks Kohaze-ya to cancel transactions. It is clear that Atlantis Japan exerts pressure on the company because Kōichi and Daichi meet Obara and Sayama of Atlantis Japan when they accept the cancellation. Though they make cynical remarks to them, Kōichi tells Obara that he has an eye for the material for their shoes and the words move the president of Tachibana Raschel. Anyway, the plan of making Rikuoh hits a snag.  

Kohaze-ya cannot decide whether they should keep making Rikuoh or not.

The images are from the official website of "Rikuoh". 


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