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Thanks to the big hit of "Ashigaru Taishō", Kohaze-ya gets good business results however Fukuko Nishii collapses from the heart attack during the work and Haruyuki Iiyama is assaulted by a thug. Because of their hospitalisations, Hiroshi Ōhashi of Saitama Chuo Bank hesitates to finance the company. And Kenji Obara of Atlantis Japan who is greedy to sponsor Hiroto Mogi, who recovers from the injury. Obara and Sayama try to make "R-II", their main product for him and tells him that Kohaze-ya is in a difficult financial condition. But Takahiko Murano who still visits the clubhouse of Daiwa Food Running Team denies their words.

Daichi (Kento Yamazaki) repairs the machine of "shiruku rei"

While Iiyama stays in hospital, a machine of "shiruku rei" develops trouble. Daichi tries to repair it and asks Iiyama to show him the design. Iiyama refuses it at first as it's so important for him but finally makes Motoko deliver the design to Kohaze-ya. At last Daichi repairs the machine and makes "shiruku rei" again and he, Kōichi and Murano give many pairs of Rikuoh to Mogi. The New Year starts and Kōichi, Daichi and the employees of Kohaze-ya go to Gunma to cheer Mogi in the New Yeat Ekiden Race but they are disappointed to see him who wears R-II. However, he takes them off and wears Rikuoh the next moment.

Kōichi (Kōji Yakusho), Daichi (second from the right) and the employees of Kohaze-ya visit Gunma to cheer mogi in the New Year Ekiden Race


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