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The Sengoku period 2

It is considered that the origin of the Sengoku period was a coup d'ētat in 1493 called "Meiō no Seihen". In the year, HOSOKAWA Masamoto, a daimyo who ruled several provinces and took on an important role behind the scene. He opposed HINO Tomiko, wife of ASHIKAGA Yoshimasa who was the 8th shogun of the Muromachi Bakufu (Ashikaga shogunate) and recommended her nephew ASHIKAGA Yoshitane as next shogun. However, Masamoto recommended ASHIKAGA Yoshizumi, cousin of the 9th shogun Yoshihisa who was a son between Yoshimasa and Tomiko. But he died during suppressing the rebellion of the ROKKAKU clan. Finally Tomiko, Yoshitane and his father Yoshimi came into collision with Masamoto and ISE Sadamune who served the Bakufu as steward of the office of administration. The collision caused military uprising not only in Kinki region, the region near Kyoto but the whole country also.

Shōsuke Tanihara as IMAGAWA Yoshimoto in "Fūrin Kazan". Yoshimoto ruled Suruga and Tōtomi, present Shizuoka and Mikawa, easter part of present Aichi. The Imagawa clan was a branch family of the Ashikaga clan.

But it didn't bring an end to the Bakufu. Though the collision of Tomiko and Masamoto split the line of the succession of shogun into two like that of the Imperial line in the 14th century, the shogunate survived the troubled times. The shoguns tried to mediate between the warring provinces but were often exploited by some daimyos. Until the middle of the Muromachi period, daimyos were called "shugo daimyo" but became  "Sengoku daimyo" later. They uniquely ruled the provinces they conquered ignoring the regulation of the Bakufu. Some of them donated money to the Imperial Court and were granted official titles in return and the authority of the Emperor was restored under such circumstances. 


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