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Ichijō-dani Ruled by the Asakura Clan

"Bura Tamori" is an NHK programme in which Tamori, a TV personality and a female announcer of the station walk around a city or tourist spot in Japan. They usually tour the site with historians, geographers, geologists or museum curators. "Bura" means strolling or walking around in this case. In the episode broadcast on the 20th of June, they (Tamori and Risa Hayashida) tour Ichijō-dani in Fukui prefecture. The area was formerly ruled by the Asakura clan and AKECHI Mitsuhide is said to have lived there. It's the rebroadcast of the one put on the air in February 2019 because going on location was prohibited until mid-June to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But the clan was destroyed by ODA Nobunaga whom Mitsuhide became to serve later. Many people lived there were forced to move to Fukui, current capital of the prefecture.   

The remains of the residence where the Asakura clan people lived
(Wikimedia Commons)

In "Kirin ga Kuru", Mitsuhide who lives Ichijō-dani teaches children Four Books and Five Classics at Shōnenji Temple. But I doubt it because the children especially those of samurais were educated at Zen temples at that time and Shōnenji is a Jishu sect temple. Anyway, Ichijō-dani had the advantage of the land especially that of Kuzuryū River and Sea of Japan and created prosperity in the 16th century but was burned by Nobunaga's army. After that the area was brought under cultivation. However, many goods and tools including tea things were buried deep in the ground thanks to the cultivation and the state of the preservation was rather good when the remains were excavated. And now many of them are designated as cultural prosperity.  


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