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Sego-don Review 9 Kichinosuke and Aikana

I'm sorry for not having posted an entry about Sego-don for a few months. Though Gesshō dies, Kichinocuke survives and is sent into exile to Amami Oshima and changes his name into KIKUCHI Gengo. The purpose of his exile is evading the search of the shogunate so he is not a criminal and receives his stipend in rice in the island. There he meets a girl called Tuma but he keeps closing his mind in the environment that he cannot get used to. And he blames the tattoos on the back of Tuma's hand and tells her that SHIMAZU Nariakira was a good lord. But she opposes him and tells him that it's Nariakira who squeezed the island's people to develop the domain's system so they celebrated his death. 

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki,left) meets a girl called Tuma (Fumi Nikaidō)

In addition to it, Kichinosuke receives a letter from ŌKUBO Shōsuke that HASHIMOTO Sanai was executed. Kichinosuke sheds tears of indignation and runs into a storm. On the following day, Tuma finds Kichinosuke has a high fever and falls down senseless on the ground. She, her relatives and Yuta, a shrine maiden of the island try to save him and then he recovers his health. After that Kichinosuke blends in with the local people.But TANAKA Yūnosuke, a magistrate of Satsuma domain prompts to trap RYŪ Samin, uncle of Tuma who is in charge of Kichinosuke and his nephew (brother of Tuma) Tomiken. TANAKA then tries to rape Tuma who visits him to make a direct appeal but Kichinosuke saves her.

The wedding ceremony of Kichinosuke and Tuma

Kichinosuke marries Tuma and names her Aikana following the tradition of the island. They have a son called Kikujirō. Then Kichinosuke asks Ōkubo Shōsuke to bring him steel wheels to make the people make sugar easier and he visits Amami Oshima with the wheels at last. But there is another reason why he who changes his name into Ichizō visits his friend. He approaches SHIMAZU Hisamitsu, father of the present lord Mochihisa and gains his confidence despite the criticism from his old friends who are against Hisamitsu. Satsuma domain now has Western style armaments and Kichinosuke is needed to return to Satsuma again. Tuma hopes to go to Satsuma with him but is stopped by Samin who knows that he will return to Satsuma someday. Kichinosuke leaves her a house and fields and departs for Satsuma after all. While Kichinosuke spent time in Amami Oshima, the times changed and both Shimazu Narioki, father of Nariakira who treated his son coldly and II Naosuke who led the Anse Purge passed away. 

Kichinosuke returns to Satsuma and the people of Amami Oshima give him a good send-off


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