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Why I don't write about "Kirin ga Kuru"

One month has passed since the start of the broadcast of "Kitin ga Kuru", the 59th Taiga Drama series. But I haven't written about its characters and episodes as yet. Why? Needless to say, there are some reasons. Firstly, the development of the story is so simple and lacks the details (*). Unlike other Taiga Drama series set in the Sengoku period as "Gunshi Kanbei" or "Sanada Maru", what the main character AKECHI Mitsuhide does always goes well and he hasn't go through hardships yet. That's why I feel unsatisfied with it at the moment.

MOCHIZUKI Tōan (Masaaki Sakai), AKECHI Mitsuhide (Hiroki Hasegawa), and Koma (Mugi Kadowaki) in the episode 2. (From left to right) 

Secondly, the colour usage of the landscape and the clothes is so garish. Though plant dyeing was popular at that time, the clothes of common people especially farmers were chemical dyed to all apperance. To make the matter worse, the series is shot using the equipements adapted for 4K resolution broadcasting and it emphasises the garishness. Even if it's not the case, NHK tries to use such colors to bring something new to the series but it's nothing but destroying the tradition Taiga Drama series had before. 

Why the colours of their kimonos are so garish?

Ume in "Sanada Maru" (Haru Kuroki) wears a kimono whose colour is not so vivid. 

As the first half of AKECHI's life is unknown there are many fictional parts in the series. But
thanks to that, some original characters appear unnecessarily. This is also a reason why I'm not keen to write about the series. I stopped watching "Idaten" because I could not emphasise with the series and the same can be said of "Kirin ga Kuru".

(*) As example, AKECHI Mitsuhide drives the brigands away with his sword in the episode 1 and is about to cross swords with HOSOKAWA Fujitaka in the episode 5. However, there is no scene in which he learns kendo (fencing).

In 2021, "Seiten o Tsuke" whose main character is Eiichi Shibusawa will be broadcast but I don't expect it at present. And in 2022, "Kamakura dono no Jyu-san nin" (The 13 men who assist a Kamakura Shogun, especially MINAMOTO no Yoriiē) written by Kōki Mitani will be broadcast. Oguri plays the role of HŌJŌ Yoshitoki, uncle of Yoriiē. It's exciting.


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