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Sego-don Review 7 The Situation Turns Worse

Though SHIMAZU Nariakira, Atsu hime and SAIGO Kichinosuke plan to make HITOTSUBASHI Yoshinobu become next shogun, but Narioki, father of Nariakira tries to stop it. Many radical samurais of Satsuma domain become angry with Narioki and his concubine O-Yura. ŌKUBO Shosuke calms them down and approaches O-Yura's son Hisamitsu who emphasises the threat of the Western powers. But it causes the radical party's offence at Shosuke. 

Nariakira (Ken Watanabe, right) drinks a toast with Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) to celebrate the marriage of Atsu hime

Then Atsu hime marries YOKUGAWA Yoshisada. After her departure, Nariakira drinks a toast with Kichinocuke to celebrate her marriage using Satsuma kiriko (faceted glass). Nariakira has a dream of developing his new industry in Satsuma more. On their way to Satsuma, Kichinosuke meets Gesshō, a Buddhist monk who supports royalism for the first time. He influences Kichinosuke's life later. 

Kichinosuke returns to Satsuma and learns the marriage of Shōsuke and is invited to his wedding reception. However, he is told to attend the castle and Nariakira tells him the death of ABE Masahiro, a rōjū who agree with Nariakira's idea of making Yoshinobu assume the position of shogun. It disappoints him. After that Kichinosuke visits Shōsuke and tells him that he asked Nariakira to let him go out of the domain to study. But it irritates him because Kichinosuke appears to assume a superior air for him. Shōsuke has no will of going out of his domain but when he hears that Kichinosuke departed for Edo, he sets on a trip. Kichinosuke finds him on his way at last and runs up to him. Then he says, 
"I forgot to bring you, Shosuke"
The scene appears in the final episode also. 

Kichinosuke finds Shōsuke (Eita, right) on his way to Edo

Atsu hime asks her husband Iesada to support Yoshinobu and make him become next shogun but II Naosuke, lord of Hikone domain asks Honju-in, mother of Iesada to support TOKUGAWA Yoshitomo of Kishu domain. And Yoshinobu still hesitates to assume the position but one night Kichinosuke kills a man for the first time to save him. Kichinosuke is also told by Naosuke to tell him the internal conditions of Satsuma domain but he refuses it. He who intends to support Yoshinobu tells him that he is one of the few men who has the right of succeeding Iedsada who is childless. Then Yoshinobu decides to be so and visit Naosuke to remonstrate him.  

But he should be confine himself in his house because of the Ansei Purge by Naosuke. And HASHIMOTO Sanai, one of the comrades of Kichinosuke is executed and Nariakira dies of illness. Kichinosuke is deeply disappointed and making the matter worse, it is decided Gessho whom he brings to Satsuma with difficulty is going to be executed also. He and Kichinosuke then drown themselves to the sea. 

Gesshō (ONOE Kikunosuke, left) and Kichinosuke decide to drown themselves to the sea


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