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Rugby in Japan 14

The Rugby World Cup starts on the 20th of September. Players were welcomed and got their caps. On the other hand, Wales coach Rob Howley was sent home because of his "potential breach" of betting rules.
(Sky News)

Japanese wing Kenki Fukuoka will not play for the opening match against Russia because his injury has not recovered perfectly.

In the 10th (and final) episode of "No Side Game", Kenji Wakisaka wins promotion by kicking Keiichiro Takigawa out of his position. It is him who told Yūya Kazama to hide the affair of oil and gets his account details because he has been his friend since high school. Hayato Kimishiha exposes it at director's meeting and corners him. Hayato also tries to stop his plan of abolishing the Astros. Wakisaka says that unless Japan Football Association changes its policy, rugby can never be popular and the president Shigenobu Tominaga is so concervative and dislikes change. But at the same time Hayato's phone rings. Shōsuke Kido, secretary of the association tells him that Tominaga was dismissed. Hayato asked Kido to have a meeting to dismiss him while director's meeting is held.

It is Wakisaka (Zen Ishikawa, left) who pulls the strings behind the scenes

Though director's meeting is over, Hayato has another hurdle. It is a final match against the Cyclones that lead in the first half and Jō Hamahata hurts his injured knee again. But he is going to play in the second half also and tells Hayato that this is the last match for him. Takuma Saimon makes Keita Nanao join the match. Then these two players lead the second half and Keita kicks three drop goals and scores 9 points. Though being pressured by the Cyclones, the Astros win the match at last and Jō who contributed to the victory despite his injury is praised by both teams after the match.

The Kimishima family, Maki (Takako Matsu, left), Hayato (Yō Ōizumi, second from the left), Naoto (Atsuki Morinaga) and Hiroto (ICHIKAWA Ukon) celebrate the victory 

After that Hayato becomes to work at the main office of TOKIWA MOTORS again and his position is succeeded by Jō. One day he visits the ground in Fuchū and finds Takigawa also visits there. They talk about rugby and Hayato remembers that he was told whether rugby in needed or not in Japan by him before. Hayato tells him that rugby and the spirit of "No Side" are needed since there are many problems in the world even if "No side" is a fantasy used only in Japan. Then Takigawa says to Hayato, "If Japan becomes stronger enough to cope with major rugby countries, you are the very man to introduce the spirit to them".

Hayato talks about rugby with Keiichirō Takigawa (Takaya Kamikawa, right)

Children who play mini rugby under the coaching of the Astros, especially scrum half Hajime Sasa run to the ground. It is them who are responsible for the next generation of rugby.

And children who are responsible for the next generation of rugby runs to the ground
The images are from the official website of TBS.


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