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Sego-don Review 6 Kichinosuke in Edo

I resume posting this review again and sorry for my abeyance. SAIGŌ Kichinosuke loses his grandfather and parents in succession and divorced his first wife Suga. Then he departs for Edo with the money his family and his friends earned and gathered and Suga's money is included in it. In Edo, he is told to keep the garden of the residence of Satsuma domain because of breaking gates. But SHIMAZU Nariakira finds him in the garden and orders him onikawata, a kind of secret detective. Then he finds the hidden sides of various things. And Atsu hime, adopted daughter of Nariakira marries TOKUGAWA Iesada, the 13th shogun who has a weak constitution. But the real purpose of her marriage is not giving birth his child but laying groundwork for making HITOTSUBASHI Yoshinobu become next shogun in Ō-oku.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) departs for Edo 

Kichinosuke meets Yoshinobu for the first time at Isodaya,  a red-light disttrict. And he meets Fuki again. When she was a girl, Kichinosuke tried to save her from debt collectors but ended in failure. She is a prostitute who is called O-Yoshi and a favourite with HITOTSUBASHI Yoshinobu who is called Hî-sama and often visits there in disguise. He then becomes to know HASHIMOTO Sanai who serves MATSUDAIRA Shungaku, lord of Fukui domain. Kichinosuke who sympathises Nariakira's idea that saves the people from poverty and then becomes to think about the future of Japan by getting closed to Sanai who supports royalism.

SHIMAZU Nariakira (Ken Watanabe, right) twists Kichinosuke's chin

At this point, Kichinosuke is an unsophisticated man who is not skillful in dealing with people. However, meeting many people in Edo and Kyoto later decides the direction of his career though it is once suspended. And though he loses some members of his family, he meets some women like Atsu hime and Fuki who influence his life instead. Unlike the series "Tobu ga Gotoku" that is also set in the 19th century Satsuma and broadcast in 1990, Kichinosuke, his family and some women who get to know him are emphasised in the series. The style is remarkable in describing the scenes in which Kichinosuke's encounter with Aikana and the marriage with Ito.  

Kichinosuke bows to HITOTSUBASHI "Hî-sama" Yoshinobu (Shōta Matsuda)


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