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Rugby in Japan 13

National teams from various countries now stay in Japan to train themselves for the Rugby World Cup that starts from next Friday. The below is an image of some staffs of Welsh national team and Kokura Castle in Kitakyushu that is lit up in red, national colour of Wales. The team live together in a training camp in the city.

(Nishinippon Shimbun)

In the 9th episode of "No Side Game", Keiichirō Takigawa is forced to resign from his position because of the falsification of the data of Kazama Coprpration's oil. Kenji Wakisaka takes his place them but his real intention is reducing the budget and he thinks the Astros are not necessary for the company. And unlike Takigawa who also doesn't think of the team, his idea is not theoretical. It depresses Hayato Kimishima and players become vaguely aware of his worry. Then Hayato dares to tell the players about it and then Jō Hamahata says that they should unite to overcome such hardships.

Hayato (Yō Ōizumi) tells the players about the reduction of budget of rugby team

The season 2018-19 starts and the Astros are on a winning streak. Especially Keita Nanao is  an outstanding player but he cannot play in the ruck because he injured his knee in a ruck play when he was a member of New Zealand under-20 rugby team. Then Jō Hamahata comes back to the team as standoff in the match against the Braves whose strong point is jackalling and he plays so well after the breakdown. Though Jō injures his knee in the ruck in the first half, he decides to keep playing and Takuma Saimon has the same idea. Jō says to Keita who worries about his injury at half-time.
"It's true that I worry about my knee but we should win this match. So I will keep playing. That's all".

Takigawa (Takaya Kamikawa, right) hints to Hayato that Wakisaka directs things from behind the scenes.

After the match, Hayato sees Takigawa in the stadium. He paid for the ticket out of his own pocket and tells him it was a good match. Then he also tells him that his father played rugby but he couldn't because of the failure of his family's business. And he wanted to get his own back to Yūya Kazama who has looked down on him since their university days. Hayato feels that the real mastermind is not him but Wakisaka in everything he says. Takigawa says Hayato's game is not over and encourages him not to lose it and leaves.

Shō Sakurai will appear in the final episode that will be broadcast on the 15th September. He is a member of a boy band "Arashi" and one of the special supporters of the World Cup 2019. Toshiaki Hirose who plays the role of Jō Hamahata was his fellow-student at Keio University.


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