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Rugby in Japan 12

Last Friday, Japan were beaten by South Africa in the test at Kumagaya Stadium. The final score was 41-7. However, they were not defeated thoroughly and did well in a scrum play. So they should use this experience to win against Russia, Ireland, Samoa and Scotland in the World Cup.

It was a surprise that Chester Williams died. May his soul rest in peace.

In the 8th episode of "No Side Game", Keiichi Takigawa's acquisition is almost successful. And Hayato Kimishima plans to talk about the problem of building a golf course with those who are against it. During the discussion, a man who is called Naeba says that Shōichi Morishita, professor of Teito Institute of Technology who led them retired from the movement about five months ago. And it is him who checked the banker oil of Kazama Corporation and said there was no problem. However, Nobuteru Hoshino of TOKIWA MOTORS Research Institute tells Hayato that he didn't check the sample of Kazama Corporation's oil so he couldn't compare his data with that of Morishita. It seems that Morishita falsified the data of the oil and retired from the movement in exhange for the cost of the operation and leaving his memorable gingko tree in the coarse. His daughter Mana is seriously ill.

Hayato (Yō Ōizumi, left) and Nobuteru (Jingi Irie, centre) visit the laboratory of Shōichi Morishita (Kazunaga Tsuji, right)

Hiroshi Aono who works at Fuchū Green Country visits a Japanese restaurant to meet Yūya Kazama and Takigawa and hands an expensive wine to Kazama as present. Aono tells Takigawa that he played rugby before but retired because of injury. Takigawa asks him why he didn't cure it completely. Then he drinks it with Kazama and tastes the sweets of his success. When he was a student, he dined at an exclusive restaurant with his friends whose fathers were wealthy and Yūya was one of them. Takigawa became diffident and he still remembers that Yūya despised him. But now he becomes to own his company. At the same time, Hayato invites Aono to  a selection match of the Astros and tells him about the banker oil and his meditation in the club house. He emphasises,
"I want to protect TOKIWA MOTORS and the Astros so I ask you to give evidence for me that the oil is inferior because Professor Morishia has gone to the US with his daughter".

Keita Nanao (Gōdon Maeda) is surprises that he is selected as one of the starters of the first match of the season 

Keita Nanao injured his knee when he was in New Zealand and lacks in stamina. Jō Hamahata points out that his lack of stamina is caused by his injury and brings him to an acupuncture clinic to make his knee be treated. After that Keita becomes to feel much better than before and plays well in the selection match. Then Takuma Saimon announces  the starters of the first match of the season and Keita is included in them instead of Jō. Jō hugs him and says,
"I hope you will keep it up".


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