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The Last Adventure

After "The Adventure of the Incorrigible Headmaster", Holmes says goodbye to Watson and disappears. The next day Deputy Headmaster Moriarty visits 221B and asks Watson where he is but he answers that he doesn't know about it. After that, Mrs. Hudson appears with Holmes who is disguised as a house painter. He tells Watson that he drifted Sherman's shed, nurse's office whose door is closed, Diogenes Club and Mycroft's private room.

He tries to visit nurse's office to meet Irene Adler again and is carried by Watson making himself seem his dummy. But the door of nurse's office is still closed. Then they visits the room of Charles Augustus Milverton to tell him that he decided to leave the school over their tea made by Agatha. Milverton advises him that it's not the end but the start of another thing.

"Leave the school for me, Sherlock"

By the way WHO makes Holmes decide so? It's Mycroft, his brother. He overlooks Wilson Kemp's evil deed again and is tempted by Moriarty to put all the blames on his brother Sherlock. Then Moriarty eats a part of the decoration of Kemp's cake to cover up for Mycroft. Besides he tell Holmes and Watson that he will become a new headmaster and reorganise the school up to his ideal in front of a statue of Headmaster Ormstein though there is real Ormstein in it and hears what he says.

Moriarty's plot comes to light and he goes to an institute in Reihenbach and Ormstein resigns also. Holmes talks with Watson before leaving the school and promises him to meet again. He is seen off by pupils and teachers include Grimesby Roylott who becomes a farmer but Irene Adler is not there. He walks towards the gate where Jefferson Hope stands to meet him.

Hope meets Holmes

Both images are from Memorial Book.

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