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No Side Game Episode 7

Nobuteru Hoshino tells Hayato Kimishima that there is no problem in Kazama Corporation's oil. On the other hand, Saburō Tsuda, head coach of the Cyclones offers Jō Hamahata to join his team but he finally turns down it. However, Ryōta Satomura who is a key player of the Astros like Jō accepts his offer. Tsuda attempts to weaken the Astros who are eager to win the championship this season. Ryōta decides to quit the Astros and TOKIWA MOTORS (*) and doesn't join the training with his teammates any more. He also thinks about playing abroad in the future.

Ryōta's behaviour alienates other members and he then comes into collision with Hayato Kimishima and Takuma Saimon over his transfer.  Hayato decides that he never accepts his transfer. If he does so, Ryōta won't be able to play for the Cyclones for one season. 

Ryōta Satomura (Sō Kaku, right) comes into collision with Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi, left) and Takuma Saimon (Ryōhei Ōtani, centre) over his transfer

Hayato's son Hiroto is selected for a scrum half of B team but a boy who fails to be selected quits the team. Hayato feels sorry for him but later he learns why he quits the team is because of his family's move. Then Hitoro, Ryūichi and his friends play rugby for him on the way home. Hayato tells him that rugby bonds him and his friend though they are far apart.

Some people who are against building a golf course by Fuchū Green Country because Hiroshi Aono, who is in charge of building the course decided to restart it. Then he tells Hayato that he expects the play of Ryōta and it makes Hayato feel confused. And Yūya Kazama, president of Kazama Corporation who is also involved with the course tells Keiichirō Takigawa that his company will be owned by TOKIWA MOTORS soon because the due diligence of the company is over. Keiichirō says that the company will be not owned by TOKIWA MOTORS but HIMSELF.

Ryōta occupied with the job told by his boss who never treats him specially because he won't play for the Astros any more (**). Then Jō approcahes and tell him to go out for training and he will do the rest instead. There Ryōta who sees Tetsu Kishiwada helps Yūki Tomobe practice tackling and then he replaces Tetsu. It's hard for Yūki to tackle a speedy player and Ryōta puts him to hard training and at last Yuki tackles him well. Jō, who goes out and sees the scene asks him whether he intentionally made him catch him or not but Ryōta says nothing.

Ryōta quits the Astros and TOKIWA MOTORS and goes out from the club house. Then the lamps of the ground light up suddenly and Hayato , Takuma and his teammates appear. Tetsu tells him that the Astros will play fair and defeat the Cyclones and they wish he will play without blemishing his career with clouding hid reputation. On the previous day, Jō tells his teammate that he was also offered by the Cyclones  to join them and it will be a loss for Ryōta if he cannot play for one season and it’s the pride for the Astros to have a player like him. Then Hayato says that he will accept his transfer and hands him a document that proves it. Ryōta sheds tears of gratitude and leaves the team.

Tetsu Kishiwada (Mitsuomi Takahashi), captain of the Astros approaches Ryōta with Hayato, Takuma and his teammates and wishes the success of Ryōta.

Later Takuma tells Hayato why Ryota quits the team is because of the growth of Hajime Sasa. Hajime is the very man for the scrum half of the Astros and not only him but other players improve themselves thought friendly rivalry also. And a new poster of the team is printed. Maki sees it and says that they seems to be more delightful than themselves last season.  

(*)(**) Under the company amateurism of Japan, players play for the teams owned by their company and train themselves after finishing their jobs. So if a player decide to transfer like Ryōta or retire, they should devote themselves to the main jobs. However there are many professional players in Top League teams and a complete professional league will start in 2021.

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