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Rugby in Japan 11

Japanese national squad entered camp in Hokkaido and they played a practice match against Yamaha Jubilo yesterday. And today, hundreds of fans came to see their training camp and some players visits a local primary school in the afternoon. 

On the other hand, Yūichirō Fujii who is in charge of strengthening national team says that Jamie Joseph should continue coaching Japan after the World Cup. Katsuyuki Kiyomiya, vice president of the JRFU has the same idea.

In the 6th episode of "No Side Game", Hayato Kimishima tries to ask the executives of TOKIWA MOTORS to approve the budget of 14 thousand million yen a year for the Astros though they couldn't win the championship. And Hiroshi Shimamoto, president of the company approves it putting his presidential post on the line. Then Takuma Saimon asks Keita Nanao who entered the company after returning from New Zealand and decides to play rugby he once quitted. But Kenji Wakisaka who is a former boss of Hayato asks him to return to the head office to investigate the background of the acquisition of Kazama  Corporation. It seems that there is something evil behind the scene. Hayato is worried because his son Hiroto becomes to like playing rugby.

Hiroto (ICHIKAWA Ukon, left) asks Hajime Sasa (HAYASHIYA Tamahei) how to pass the ball

Hitoro Motonami, one of the experienced players of the Astros announces his retirement and he says that it's regrettable that he couldn't celebrate winning the championship with his teammates. So Hayato tells Wakisaka that he wants to carry out as GM. He also plans to improve the current system of Platinum league but the officials of Japan Football Association but is rejected. One day Nobuteru Hoshino who works at a research institute of TOKIWA MOTORS tells Tetsu Kishiwada and Hayato that the bunker oil of Kazama Corporation is thought to be inferior.

Nobuteru Hoshino (Jingi Irie, right) talks with Tetsu Kishiwada (Mitsuomi Takahashi, second from the left) and Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi) about the banker oil of Kazama Corporation

Hayato plans to hold a thanksgiving event for the Astros' fans. The chief attraction of the event is a practice match between the starting players and the reserves. Keita who plays one of the reserves kicks three drop goals and makes his side win the match. It surprises not only the fans but Saburō Tsuda, coach of the Cyclones who also checks the match also and after the event he meets a man. The man is Jō Hamahata of the Astros. 


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