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Rugby in Japan 10

The 15th of August was the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War. According to a tweet of NIKKEI Rugby, Michael Leitch who captains Japan says that his grandfather who was a military officer. During the war, he confronted the Japanese army in Papua New Guinea but they went separated their ways without killing their enemies. Leitch says that there is a kind of unbreakable tie between him and Japan.

It is said that some breweries in Japan plan to increase the production of beer to welcome rugby fans especially from abroad. And on the 16th of August, former Japanese international Ayumu Gorōmaru attended an event of rugby and encourages Japanese national team.

Gorōmaru at an event of POLO rugby with POLO BEAR and Hirona Yamazaki who is an actress.

In the 4th episode of "No Side Game", Keiichirō Takigawa who watches an opportunity to become next president of TOKIWA MOTORS meets Yūya Kazama, a president of KAZAMA Corporation that is to be pursued by TOKIWA MOTORS. He was a classmate of Takigawa at Meisei Gakuen University and Takigawa intentionally leaks the news of the acquisition to the press. On the other hand, Takuma Saimon who is a former classmate of Hayato Kimishima worries about how he should do to make the Astros win against the Cyclones. He then plan to strengthen reloading by checking a video. 

Keiichirō Takigawa (Takaya Kamikawa, right) meets Yūya Kazama (NAKAMURA Shikan) 

And Hayato plans a press meeting sponsored by TOKIWA MOTORS before the match against the Cyclones to give both Takuma and Saburō Tsuda who coaches the Cyclones the chances of speaking about the match. Takuma's self-confidence overawes Saburō and Makoto Kagihara, GM of the team. On the match day, Hiroto Kimishima, son of Hayato wears a shirt of the mini rugby team coached by Hajime Sasa, a reserve of scrum half. In the match the Astros play well and in the second half, Takuma tells Hajime whose shirt number is 21 to play. Then Hayato stands up and shows him his number that is 21 also. Hajime confuses his opponents by passing but they lose the match by a narrow margin. It influences the future activities of the team.   

Jō Hamahata (Toshiaki Hirose, right) tackles his opponent

The images are from the official website of TBS.


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