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Rugby in Japan 9

In the Pacific Nations Championship, Japan beat the US Eagles in Suva, Fiji and won the championship. Though their play against the Eagles was not perfect, I think their defense against the eagles was well. After the squad for the World Cup was selected in early September, they will play the test against South Africa at Kumagaya Stadium, Saitama.

Japanese internationals celebrate their victory after the match against the Eagles

And the Wallabies beat the All Blacks by the Wallabies 47 to 26. It's a record win indeed. For the details of the two tests of the teams formerly coached by Eddie Jones, please check the article on the official website of World Rugby below.

And in Osaka, Kobe Steel Cobelco Steelers won Top League Cup by defeating Kubota Spears. 

In the 4th episode of "No Side Game", the Astros win successively in the Platinum league but Keiichirō Takigawa, who thinks having a rugby team is unprofitable and is eager to purchase Kazama Corporation to become next president. And Hayato thinks it needs to make the league known more to attract potential fans of rugby. Then he asks a business magazine to publish the Astros but Makoto Kagihara, a GM of the Cyclones, their rivals that are unbeaten advertises for the magazine and asks an editor to publish his team. As a result, it covers the Cyclones rather than the Astros. In addition, Hajime Sasa, a member of the Astros makes a mistake during work and an order of golf carts produced by Tokiwa Motors is cancelled.

Keiichirō Takigawa (Takaya Kamikawa) who is eager to purchase Kazama Corporation to become next president is indifferent to the Astros 

Hajime is an earnest man who works for the team behind-the-scenes of his own accord and helps Taē Sakura who analyses the deta of the players. Hajime feels responsible for the cancel and the injury of Ryōta Satomura, ace player of the Astros during the practice match he suggested. He asks Hayato for leaving the team but he stops him. At last Hayato learns that the cancel is not caused by Hajime's mistake but there is another reason. Though other members complain of his mistake and suggestion that led Ryōta to injury, they trust him in fact. And Taē tells Hayato it is her responsibility because she wanted to check all players during the match. Hayato tells her that she is a role model of data analyst of rugby team. Then she tells him that her father formerly played for the Astros before and that's why she workd at Tokuwa Motors and analyses the data of the players.

Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi, left) stops Hajime Sasa (HAYASHIYA Tamahei) from leaving the team

Hiroto, son of Hayato enjoys playing rugby and seeing matches. However he becomes to have a poor record on the othere hand so Hayato tells him to overcome the things he is not good at step by step. It also goes for his management of the Astros. 

The images are from the official website of World Rugby and TBS.


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