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Rugby in Japan 9

On the 3rd of August, Japan played against Tonga at Hanazono Stadium in Osaka and won the match 41-7. They will play against the US Eagles in Suva, Fiji next weekend. 

USA and Japan set up title decider after wins

And in the third episode of "No Side Game", Hayato Kimishima, GM of the Astros visits Mihogaseki Beya, a sumo stable to strengthen the players and he also joins them. Then he thinks it needs to have more supporters to make the team popular. He plans to make players work as volunteer like a soccer club FC Tokyo in the same region does. And he asks his wife Maki to join the fan club he established but she refuses it and intends to join that of FC Tokyo. It disappoints him. 

Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi, centre) and the players visits a sumo stable and Hayato joins the head-to head training.

However, Takuma Saimon who coaches the team buys many balls and gives them the pupils of local primary schools and the children who stay in hospital. In addition, a new website of the team is built so Hayato is obliged to ask for supplementary budget at the head office of Tokiwa Motors and gets cold looks. And some players give priority to training themselves because the new season is near. One day Tetsu Kishiwada who captains the team is injures and visits a hospital. He sees that many children in the hospital play with the balls his team gave and is told by a boy who suffers a heart disease was encouraged by the ball he gave. He tells Hayato about it. 

The members of the Astros visits a primary school and gives balls to children

So Hayato brings the players to Tamura, an izakaya (Japanese style bar) they often visit and tells them that the joy of playing rugby should be succeeded to the next generation, especially children and playing and volunteer jobs are inseparable. Then more than 5000 people join the fan club and many tickets are sold. The new season starts and many people who get to know the players through volunteer activity visit Tokiwa Stadium at the day of the first match. 


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