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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 7

The episode 9. Shirō joins the party after the wedding reception of his friend Kōichi Suganuma. But many women introduce themselves to him there because he is single. Shirō who has not come out that he is a gay to his friends and coworkers yet, he really hopes to have a marriage ring to keep them away. As he could not enjoy the meal at the party, he cooks Napolitan pasta after returning to home. On the other hand, Kenji advises Hiroshi Miyake, owner of the beauty saloon where he works at a bar. Miyake has an affair with one of the customers and Kenji tells him he should make his partner happy if he doesn't want to divorce her.

Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima, right) cooks o-chazuke for Kenji (Seiyō Uchino)

Kenji returns home. He couldn't enjoy the meal either so Shirō cooks o-chazuke (rice with green tea and topped by ingredients) for him. Then Shirō tells him that he will buy rings for themselves. Kenji is so delighted with it and they decide to go to jewelry shop next Tuesday. After ordering the rings at the shop, Kenji tells Hiroshi to give something to his wife but he denies because it is as good as confessing his love affair. At around the same time, lawyers of Uemachi law firm includes Shirō are busy with dealing with divorce cases and they talk about the importance of family.

Kenji is pleased with his ring

One day Shirō who prepares for dinner finds that rice is running out. Then he cooks pasta with vegetable and fungi and mainly seasoned with men-tsuyu, Japanese soup base instead. He also cooks minestrone and turnip salad. During the meal, he hands the rings to Kenji. But Kenji asks him to give it after the dinner. Kenji is really pleased with it and asks Shirō to put a ring on as he does. However it's hard for him to put it on at his office because if he does so, he will be wrongly suspected. 

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