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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 5

This is the plot of the episode 7. 

June has come. Shirō and Kenji meet Daisaku Kohinata and his partner Wataru Inoue at Shinjuku ni-chome. The two couples realise that they resemble each other in some respects. Kenji gives Wataru bath salts to celebrate their friendship. But Wataru who seems to be a natural airhead is about to have trouble with Daisaku over the gift. 

Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima, far left) and kenji (Seiyō Uchino, second from the right) meet Daisaku Kohinata (Kōji Yamamoto) and Wataru Inoue (Hayato Isomura) at Shinjuku ni-chome

Daisaku gives his name card to Kenji and says he works at an entertainment agency and kenji learns that he manages Mami Mitsuya who was a female pop idol from it. Shirō was a great fan of Mitsuya and talks about her enthusiastically so Wataru says he is not a true gay but a bisexual man bluntly. Wataru also says that he seems to need not be conscious about being a gay but Shirō tells him that he keeps it secret from his coworkers.

Kenji is happy with the dinner with Daisaku and Wataru. But Shirō gets a cold because of the rain on the way home. On the following day, Kenji is told to return home as he finished hairdressing the customers who chose him. He is keen to nurse Shirō who is ill in bed and buys cooling sheets, medicine and some foods to cook tamagoyaki (omlet), shira-ae (a kind of salad dressed with tofu, sesame and miso), and a porridge of chicken. Shirō thinks Kenji "enjoy"s nursing him and worries that he cannot cook anything smoothly like him. 

Shirō (right) is not so satisfied with the dishes Kenji cooked but they taste better than he anticipated

At last Kenji spreads the table and offers his partner the dishes. Shirō feels safe that they unexpectedly taste good. A few days later he receives ginger tea from Daisaku to cure his cold completely. Needless to say, Wataru accompanies him not to make his partner be attracted by Shirō who loves a cool man like Daisaku in reality.  Wataru also says that Shirō loves Kenji but he is not his type. Shirō fusses over his words but Kenji, who is asked his type by Wataru says that it's Ryo Saeba in "City Hunter". Then he says Shirō is real Ryo Saeba to him. 

Kenji (right) says his type is Ryo Saeba in "City Hunter" and Shirō is true Saeba to him

That night Shirō bakes two banana breads using overripe bananas and a package of pancake mix whose expiration is close. One of them is a return present to Daisaku. Then they eat another one. Shirō says that he gets a hint from the bath salts of Kenji and has the idea of giving Daisaku something. Kenji feels happy that Shirō who is a straight-laces man but becomes to be a true gay like him by baking banana breads and meeting Daisaku frequently. 

However he finds a ticket of Mami Mitsuya's dinner show in the kitchen. He suspects that Shirō's real purpose of meeting Daisaku is getting the ticket and he doesn't love him but a woman in reality.

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