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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 4

At the end of December, Shirō is told by his mother Hisaē to visit her and her husband Gorō to talk about his future during the New Year holidays but he is not keen. He also worries that he eats too much when he stays in his parent's house. However Kenji tells him to visit his parents and says his mother is understanding because she tries to accept that her son is a gay. At the same time, Kenji discusses the taste of Sappro Ichiban, one of the famous instant noodle in Japan with other stylists and they recommend miso (soybean paste) taste but Hiroshi Miyake, owner of the saloon insists that soy-sauce taste is the best.

Though Kenji and other hair stylists say that the miso taste of Sapporo Ichiban is best, Hitoshi Miyake (Makita Sports, left) who owns the saloon insists that the soy-sauce taste is his favourite. 

On New Year's Eve, Shirō visits his parent's house and helps them prepare for the New Year. That night Shirō joins the year-end party held by Hiroshi and the stylists but he leaves before it's over and goes home. Then he cooks Sapporo Ichiban miso ramen as Shirō told him and it is topped with vegetables, pork, seaweed and soft boiled egg. Then he watches TV and Joya no Kane, the bell of the Buddhist temple that rings out the old year begins ringing.  On the New Year's Day, Shirō tastes Osechi, New Year dishes with his parents and worries when they begin to talk about his future.

Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima, right) reculantly visits his parents who attempt to talk about his future and then celebrates the New Year with his father Gorō (Kōtarō Shiga) and Hisaē (Meiko kaji) 

However the family of his childhood friend Akira visits them and both Gorō and Hisaē take care of the children as if they were their real grandchildren. It seems like that they don't expect their son marry a woman and have childrena any more. Before Shirō returns to his flat, Hisaē lets him take many pieces of mochi (rice cake) and kuri kinton, mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts eaten as Osechi. During the New Year Holidays, Kenji really enjoy eating mochi but on the mourning of the 4th of January, he is tired of them and wants to eat bread as usual.

Kenji (Seiyō Uchino) enjoys eating the miso taste of Sappro Ichiban on New Year's Eve


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