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The Adventure of the Incorrigible Headmaster

One day, Headmaster Ormstein visits Holmes who is suspended from attending class and asks him to take back his love letters to Isadora Klein. He says that he is threatened by someone who gets them. Holmes is amazed at his repeated adultery but searches it secretly placing his dummy in 221B to make Lestrade believe that he is in the dorm.

Holmes finds that Isadora hands the letters to a pupil but she doesn't tell him his/her name. Langdale Pike informs him that the headmaster is threatened by one of second graders of Dealer House because answer sheet of mathematics for them is used as threatening letter. Holmes infers it's Wilson Kemp from the fact and calls him to 221B in cooperation with Watson and Lestrade.

"Holmes, I have a favour to ask of you"

Holmes suggests Kemp to tell him the truth but he refuses it flatly and Holmes is taken by Lestrade to Deputy Headmaster Moriarty for he goes out from the house without permission despite being suspended. Then Watson talks with him and make him confess him crime to an ornament in the shape of koala and leaves him alone.

After Kemp confesses that he puts the letters in a belt-shaped bag and ties it to his body, dummy of Holmes stands up and says "Thank you, Kemp" - it is not a dummy but real Holmes. They entrap Kemp and take back the letter of Headmaster Ormstein. The headmaster thanks Homes though Deputy Headmaster Moriarty blames him for doing such a thing during being suspended from school.

An ornament in the shape of koala, from Memorial Book

However he is called by Moriarty that night. The deputy headmaster predicates that he and Kemp conspire together to threaten the headmaster and shown a cake that proves it. Letters of its decoration say as below.

"Dearest Holmes
Thanks for your endless friendship
Wilson Kemp"

Holmes wakes Watson to say farewell to hm and leaves 221B to hide himself.


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