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Sego-don Review 4 Nariakira Becomes a New Lord

Kichinosuke sends SHIMAZU Nariakira the clothes that AKAYAMA Yukie wore in his last moments. Nariakira sees the bloodstained clothes and then decides to make his father Narioki resign his post. Narioki who later grants an audience with TOKUGAWA Ieyoshi, the 12th shogun and is given a famous tin that stores tea leaves. It means that he should resign and enjoy the life after resignation. 
Shimazu Nariakira (Ken Watanabe, right) hands a gun to his father Narioki (Takeshi Kaga)

Then Nariakira visits him and hands a gun to him. In the gun, only one bullet id loaded. Nariakira pulls the trigger first but there is nothing. Narioki receives it from his son but he cannot hold it because of fear. He gives up this "Russian roulette" and Nariakira becomes a new lord of Satsuma domain. It makes Kichinosuke and his friends included OKUBO Shosuke happy. 

Nariakira returns to his domain. His guards try to stop many children from running after his horse but he stops it saying,
"Children are the treasure of the country".
However, Shōsuke has not been permitted to work at Tsurumaru castle yet. And Nariakira still gives the vassals who served Narioki directy important positions. ARIMURA Shunsai is angry with it but Nariakira believes it's the way how a lord should be. 

One day, it is announced that a sumo tournament  will be held in the presence of Nariakira. Kichinosuke then attempts to win it and ask Nariakira to pardon those who are still exiled or confined to their houses O-Yura Sōdō, a dispute over supporting Nariakira. Needlass to say, ten bales (straw bags) of rice given to the winner also attracts him as his family is poor and do side job to make living.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki, right) tries to ask Nariakira at the tournament to make Jiemon, father of Ōkubo Shōsuke (Eita, left) who is exiled return to Satsuma

IWAYAMA Ito has a friendly feeling towards Kichinosuke but she is told to marry EBIHARA Shigekatsu by her father. He has no opinion of his daughter visits the house of Shōsuke and talks with Kichinosuke. She hesitates to judge whether she should marry him or refuge it.

Kichinosuke is strongly attracted by his new lord. But things don't go the way he wants because Nariakira has an opinion of his own. Anyway, he decides to participate the tournament and there he meets a lady who cheers for him. 

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