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Sego-don Review 3 Fuki and Hanjirō

Kokichi who grows up changes his name into Kichinosuke and becomes an assistant of a secretary who is in charge of agricultural administration. He tries to save a girl called Fuki who is forced to sell herself into prostitution to clear off her father's debt. Kichinosuke pays the debt with his stipend and the bribe his boss received. But his father Kichibei scolds him because the family is also have financial difficulties. 

Kichinosuke asks ZUSHO Hirosato who holds the strings of the domain purse. But he is not keen on such a problem. Kichinosuke who cannot pass the injustice by the officials of the domain. So he attempts to collect tax using kemitori, a kind of the methods of collecting tax to reduce the burden of the farmers.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) gives his lunch to Fuki (Rinka Kakihara) and her younger brother both of whom are hungry

However, Kichinosuke finds an unregistered rice field in the forest. The farmers cultivate it and sell rice to support themselves. Kichinosuke who is eager to save the poor feels like he is completely tricked. At last Fuki is sold by the duns and tells Kichinosuke who visits her that she is glad to see a true samurai but he blames himself that he cannot save even a girl and calls him yassenbo (useless fellow). 

After that, he and Kichibei borrow money of living from a village headman. On the way to home, he sees a boy who takes some sweet potatoes away and fights against the men who chase him with a stick. His swordsmanship is like that of an adult. Later Kichinosuke and Kumakichi bring some straw bags of rice bought with the money to Ishi, relative of Kumakichi. 

A boy called NAKAMURA Hanjirō (Rukito Nakamura) fights against the men who chase him

On the next morning, Kichinosuke finds the boy called NAKAMURA Hanjirō and his family leave the domain secretly but it is prohibited. He persuades them and make them return home. He asks AKAYAMA Yukiē to make them recover their fields formerly possessed by the dead father of Hanjirō. That's why he took potatoes away from the field though the men who chased him said that he stole them. 

Kichinosuke is still young and immature. Though he and his friend ŌKUBO Shōsuke hope that SHIMAZU Nariakira will become their lord, there are still challenges to realise it. Hirosato kills himself to cover up the wrongdoing committed by SHIMAZU Narioki, lord of Satuma domain. 

Besides Narioki orders to arrest those who are involved in O-Yura Sōdō, a disturbance caused by a suspicion that O-Yura, concubine pf Narioki killed the children of Nariakira through curses.  Because of this, Yukiē is ordered to commit hara-kiri and Ōkubo Jiemon, father of Shōsuke is exiled. The state of the domain is unstable. 
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