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Sego-don Review 2 Kokichi and Nariakira

Though Kichinosuke decides to protect those who are smaller or weaker than him, he is slashed by ODA Eisaku of Hirano Gochū. It's the revenge for his Gochū's win in Myōenji Mairi and he is wounded in the right shoulder. Later Eisaku visits the Saigō family with his father and he tells his son to commit hara-kiri because slashing people in Gochu is prohibited. And Eisaku slashes a boy whose status is lower than his. But Kichibei, father of Kokichi makes an abject apology to the father and son and tells them it takes two to make a quarrel. Kokichi is vexed when he sees Eisaku smiles with an air of triumph.

Kokichi (Ao Watanabe) holds a stick and tries to fight against Eisaku but is wounded in the right shoulder

Kokichi cannot handle sword any more. It disappoints him that he has no chance of serving the lord directly to protect him by his swordsmanship. Though he decided to support the weak, the wound handicaps him now. One day he climbs up the hill and sees SHIMAZU Nariakira enjoys hunting with Hisamitsu. Then Kokichi appears in front of Nariakira. He is surprised with him and says it's so dangerous.

Kokichi who is disappointed with the wound tells him that he doesn't want to live any longer and wants to know what "Cangoxina" means before his death. Nariakira tells him that the period of the samurais with the swords will end soon and a real samurai is the man who listens to what the weak say and works for the people. He then says if he should become  stronger in the future, he will meet him again and leaves there. Needless to say, there is no record that Narikira was in Satsuma at that time as he was in Edo in reality. But his words encourage Kokichi and he and his frieds learn what "Cangoxina" means from AKAYAMA Yukie later. Then they climb Mt Shiroyama and sink "Cangoxina" into a stone.

Kokichi weeps and asks Nariakira to tell him what the letters "Cangoxina" means on the paper

When I watched the episode 1, I thought the scene in which Kokichi sinks the letters into a stone will be an advance hint for the final episode. Kokichi who hopes to protect the weak is handicapped and thinks it's unreasonable that his father makes an abject apology because of his family's status is lower than that of Eisaku. Anyway he has to abandon his dream of serving the lord directly. This may be the first Taiga Drama series that describes the wounds of Kokichi. And a physician who examines Kokichi is an ancestor of Yōsuke Yamashita, a jazz pianist and he plays the role in the series.

But he meets Nariakira accidentally and it decides his future. "The weak", "the people", and "the children are assets to the nation" in Nariakira's words inspires him and working for the weak and the people and educating children become his policies later. And the end of the period of samurai with the swords gives him who cannot handle any sword a supportive push forward. And in the episode 2,  he makes efforts to save a girl called Fuki.


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