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Sego-don Review 1 Kokichi and Ito

In the episode 1, IWAYAMA Ito hopes to study and practice swordsmanship but she cannot because she is a girl. Then she intends to join the boys of Shimo-Kajiyamachi Gōchū includes SAIGŌ Kokichi, later Kichinosuke and Takamori. As in Sego-don Epidode 1, gōchū is a unit of educating the boys of samurai families in Satsuma domain so she disguises herself as a boy and joins them who go to Iso Goten, a villa of the Shimazu clan to get sweets secretly. It's the suggestion of ARIMURA Shunsai, later KAIEDA Takeji but they are found and chased by the guards. They includes Ito who runs so fast escape to the top of the hill.

Ito (Konomi Watanabe) who disguises herself as a boy

There they find Tengu who is SHIMAZU Nariakira in reality. Nariakira examines a cannon there so the boys try to escape but only Shinpachi cannot move and is caught by "Tengu".  Nariakira tells Kokichi if he really wants to be a brave man, he should not leave small Shinpachi. Then he gives them some pieces of castella wrapped by the paper on which "Cangoxina" is written. He sees the letters and remembers the words of Nariakira later. After that Myōenji Mairi is held and Kokichi's gōchū wins the race thanks to Ito who also joins it. 

Ito feels sad because it is revealed that she is a girl

However, it is revealed that she is a daughter of the Iwayama family. Kokichi tries to protect her, but she leaves there saying,
"You will not understand how I feel because you are not a girl!" 
Kokichi tries to understand how Ito feels by disguising himself as a girl and what he experiences is quite strange to him. But his father Kichibei appears and scolds him. Kichibei learns that his son wants to serve the lord directly but admonishes him it's impossible to do so for a low class samurai like him or his son. Kokichi decides to overcome his handicap.

Kokichi practices swordsmanship hard to serve the lord directly in the future

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