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The Future Development of "Idaten" and the reason why I stopped writing about the series

This may be the last entry on "Idaten" in English. This is the development of the story from now on and it is based on the story in the guidebook. 

Shisō and Yahiko Mishima take part in the Olympics 1912. However Yahiko withdraws his entry from the race and Shisō goes missing during the marathon race. He loses his memory in the race. Later he remembers that a local family gave him who is exhausted a glass of lemonade and a cinnamon roll. He returns to Japan and decides to clear his name next time. But the Olympics 1916 is canceled because of the WWI. He takes part in the Olympics 1920 in Antwerp but he cannot bring his ability into running. On the other hand, he marries Suya who loses her husband and then has a son. He tries to improve Japanese sports includes that of women and realises Hakone Ekiden.

Kōzō Minobe becomes a pupil of TACHIBANAYA Enkyō. But he drops put when going on tour to tell stories and is imprisoned because of lodging without money. He cannot tell stories on stage in Tokyo and stays in Shizuoka. Then he becomes to know a boy called Masaji who is a son of a sake brewer. He who is a member of a swimming society in Hamamatsu later enters the Asahi Shimbun and devotes himself to host the Olymics 1964.

After the Olympics 1912,Jigorō Kanō is confused becaus the Japan Amateur Athletics Association is deep in debt. He protests the cancellation of the Olympice 1916 but in vain. And in Antwerp 1920, he decides to retire.

Hyōzō Ōmori who heads the Japanese team in 1912 dies of tuberclosis.

In the post below, I write about why I stopped writing about "Idaten".

Shisō (NAKAMURA Kankurō VI,left) and Yahiko Mishima (Tōma Ikuta)

The image is from the twitter of "Idaten".


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