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Masaji Tabata

He was born in December 1898. He was a journalist and a coach of swimming. 

After graduating Tokyo University, he became a staff of the Asahi Shimbun. He also coached swimming and held an important post in the Japan Amateur Athletic Association. In 1948, he was appointed to the President of the Japan Swimming Federation. As Japan could not take part in the 1948 Summer Olympics, the Japan Championship of swimming was held at the same time. It was planned by him. In the championship, Hironoshin Furuhata finished first in the 1,500 metre freestyle and it was the world record in reality. However it was not an official one because Japan was excluded from the FINA at that time.

On the following year, he made the federation join the FINA again and led the Japanese team both in the summer Olympics in 1952 and 1956. He then attempted hosting the Olympics in Tokyo and campaigned with Fred Isamu Wada, a Japanese-American businessman. When hosting the Olympics was decided, he was appointed to a secretary-general of the organising committee and was said to have appealed to the IOC to make women's volleyball become an official event.

However in the Asian Games was held in Indonesia 1962, the host country refused the participation of Taiwan and Israel so the IOC didn't approve of the Games as official one. Though he sent the Japanese team to Indonesia, he later took responsibility and resigned from his office. 

From 1973 to 1977, he held the post of the President of the JOC.

He died in 1984.

The image shows Sadao Abe as Masaji Tabata 
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