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The Adventure of the Residence of Mr. Douglas

One night Mrs. Hudson visits 221B and tells Holmes and Watson that there is a murder in the residence of Mr. Douglas who lives near Beeton School. Holmes goes out with Watson without permission to see the real murder and they steal into there.

There are many policemen inside and outside the residence. And Holmes and Watson are questioned what they are doing by Inspector Macdonald who commands the investigation but saved by Jefferson Hope who appears there. He tells the inspector that they are his colleague.

After that they celebrate the reunion. Hope says that he now studies sculpture while working at an art carrier and is told to remove a picture from Mr. Douglas' study to living room. Besides he says that the picture doesn't match the wall of the room and tells Holmes and Watson other strange points and the personality of Mr. Douglas.

After his leave, Holmes and Watson put false police badges on their uniform and enter the study. Holmes begins checking the dead body despite the fear of Watson. He finds that his wedding band is lost, his face is badly shot with a shotgun and some weight of a dumbbell are pulled out . But they are found out that they are not police staff but pupils and escape.

Holmes explains strange points of the body.

Holmes tries to pull up something in a pond situates in a garden of the residence with the help of Watson and Deputy Headmaster Moriarty who appears there to take them back. At last he pulls up a jacket with weights and sunk in the pond. Holmes and Watson tell their deputy headmaster that reporting is civic duty and run to the residence.

Though Inspector MacDonald refuses Holmes, Deputy Headmaster Moriarty tells him about his ability and asks him to listen to what his pupil says unexpectedly. Holmes tells the inspector explains strange points of the body and dumbbell showing the jacket held by Watson and finds out that the body in the study if that of criminal and Mr. Douglas is alive.

Then they find the master of the house hides in a space inside the wall of living room that is camouflaged by the picture removed from the study. Holmes hopes to join the investigation but is take back to Baker House with Watson by Moriarty.

The deputy headmaster tells Holmes that his mediation enables him to communicate with Inspector MacDonald and warns him to realise his immatureness. And he also tells him that he will be suspended from attending class for a week and Watson will be suspended also for three days.

Holmes, Watson and Moriarty
"You will be suspended from attending class, Holmes" (From Memorial Book)


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