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Sego-don Omnibus 9

Chapter 4 Tenmei (Heaven's Will) (2)

Takamori strains himself by overwork. And ŌKUBO Toshimichi returns to Japan earlier than other members of the Iwakura Mission but the politicians from Tosa and Hizen tries to shun him as the mission could not revise any treaty. He visits Takamori who hasn't recovered yet and gives him a clock as a souvenir. He tells him about the Western countries and says he keenly feels how they are advanced. Takamori agrees with him but Toshimichi emphasizes that only those who have visited Western countries can know how he feels. He also says that's why the politicians from Tosa and Hizen look down on him. Takamori have a high opinion of them and it needs to argue what they should do for Japan more but Toshimichi insists that it needs to unite the country by force. Takamori tells him that if he thinks so, he should return to Kagoshima then he will govern Japan with the current members of the government.

ŌKUBO Toshimichi (Eita, left) visits Takamori (Ryōhei Suzuki) and talks about the western countries

A few days later, Takamori returns to the administration but there is another problem in the government. Korea regards Japan as an outrageous country and breaks off relations with her. Takamori attempts to go to Korea to negotiate with her government but Toshimichi says Japan should leave it as it is. However Takamori cannot ignore the Japanese who live there and he opposes the view of Toshimichi. ETŌ Shinpei asks SANJŌ Sanetomi to dismiss Toshimichi and IWAKURA Tomomi both of whom are against them and Tomomi tells Taklamori to go to Korea at last. But Sanetomi becomes ill suddenly so Tomomi replaces him as Dajō Daijin and cancels Takamori's visit to Korea though Sanetomi once permitted Takamori to visit there. But there is a plot behind the scene.

IWAKURA Tomomi (SHŌFUKUTEI Tsurube, fourth from the right) replaces SANJŌ Sanetomi because of his sudden illness

In reality, Toshimichi asked Tomomi to cancel Takamori's visit. Takamori who learns it tells his old friend why he tried to stop him in such a roundabout way. But Toshimichi says to Kichinosuke, 
"You always say that you believe the people but I think it's too optimistic".
Besides he says that he doesn't care about being called a coward and tells Takamori that he can feel bitter about him. Takamori says he cannot do such a thing. He also says it's his defeat and bows his head to O-Yū and leaves there. Toshimichi sheds tears. 

Unlike Takamori, Toshimicchi is severe


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