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Sego-don Omnibus 8

Chapter 4 Tenmei (Heaven's Will) (1)

In 1904, SAIGŌ Kikujirō becomes a mayor of Kyoto City. He tells KAWAMURA Ryūjirō, a deputy mayor about his father. In 1868, he goes to Kagoshima with his mother-in-law Ito. He sees his father work at the farm and goes hunting in Kagoshima. At the same time ŌKUBO Toshimichi visits Kagoshima with IWAKURA Tomomi and talks with Takamori about Haihan Chiken, abolition of the domain system. Takamori suggests an idea of the Imperial Guards to him and goes to Tokyo accompanied by Kumakichi.

Takamori (Ryōhei Suzuki) in the rice field

The new government becomes complicated because of the confrontation between the politicians from Satuma and Chōshū and those from other domains as Tosa or Hizen. Takamori says if it cost money, the politicians should decrease their salary. He admires the spirit of simplicity and frugality and brings riceballs as lunch though others enjoy gorgeous meal. One night Toshimichi visits him in his tenement house and tells him that other politicians say it's hard to deal with him in this respect. Takamori then asks him why he tries to behave extravagantly in everything. Toshimichi says to him that Japan should not be made light of by the Western Powers.

Takamori shares his riceballs with Ōkubo Toshimichi (Eita, right)

Toshimichi obtains the Imperial rescript of Haihan Chiken but it makes the politicians from Tosa and Hizen angry. But Takamori mediates between them. In Kagoshima, Hisamitsu sets off fireworks. And Takamori plans the Imperial visit to Western Japan includes Kagoshima. At Tsurumaru Castle, Hisamitsu in full dress tells him that establishing a new counrty is still at a developmental stage and worries about the scandals of some politicians. Hisamitsu tells him to follow through the plan and if he cannot do it, he should return to Satsuma. He also says it is the coming generation who bears the responsibility for the new country.

SHIMAZU Hisamitsu (Munetaka Aoki, right ) in full dress with KAIEDA Takeji (Mitsuomi Takahashi) at Tsurumaru Castle

It is decided that the Iwakura Mission will travel the US and Europe to revise the treaties and to watch the government, industries and infrastructures of each country. As Toshimichi and KIDO Takayoshi join the mission, Takamori, SANJŌ Sanetomi and the politicians from Tosa and Hizen lead the government. They reform many things while the mission go abroad and Takamori receives a letter from Tochimichi that says Japan should learn more things from Western countries.

The photo of Toshimichi enclosed in his letter

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