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Sego-don Omnibus 6

Chapter 3 Kakumei (Restoration) (2)

Kichijirō marries Sono and Kichinosuke is told to marry someone also bu those around him. At that very moment, Ito visits the Saigō family with her father Naoatsu. Ito was divorced by EBIHARA Shigekatsu because they had no children. Then She has an offer of marriage to Kichinosuke. She hesitates but finally accepts it. After that Kichinosuke goes to Kyoto again and she sees him off crying "Chesto!" 

Ito  (Haru Kuroki) visits the Saigō family with her father

Kichinosuke and ŌKUBO Ichizō visit IWAKURA Tomomi who lives in seclusion. However there are traps around his house set by Tomomi to protect himself from assassins. Both Kichinosuke and Ichizō are caught in one of them. Tomomi knows everything about Kichinocuke and begs money whenever he informs them of something. Then they meet KATSURA Kogorō there and Kichinosuke suggests the alliance between Satsuma and Chōshū though thew still a feud between the domains. Kogorō tells him that he has no intention of doing so. 

KATSURA Kogorō (Tetsuji Tamayama, right) doesn't accept the suggestion of Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki)

Then SAKAMOTO Ryōma sets about the task. He goes to Satsuma and is introduced to SHIMAZU Mochihsa, lord of Satsuma domain by Kichinosuke. Ryōma asks him a ship used to deal arms with Chōshū domain that is prohibited to purchase arms after the Kinmon Incident. The vassals are surprised that he left his domain (dappan). Ryōma has a business talk with Kogorō and says to him,
"If you dislike Satsuma, you should not dislike Saigō Kichinosuke".
Kichinosuke plans to visit Shimonoseki where Ryōma stays but he is forced to visit Kyoto instead because of the second subjugation to Chōshū by the shogunate. He makes KAIEDA Takeji go to Shimonoseki instead but he who is against the alliance never visits Ryōma. Though the subjugation is stopped, Ryōma who is dissatisfied visits Kichinosuke and tells him he loses his credit. Kichinosuke is depressed with his words but is encouraged by Ichizō.

Kichinosuke (left) introduces SAKAMOTO Ryōma (Shun Oguri, right) to his lord SHIMAZU Mochihisa

The squadron of four foreign ships appears off Kobe. It is the plan of  HITOTSUBASHI Yoshonobu who tries to press the Imperial court to realise the second subjugation of Chōshū. On the other hand, Kichinosuke and Ichizō send some letters to Tomomi, Kogorō and so on. The letter says that even the Imperial sanction can be rejected if it doesn't the people's will. At last the Satchō Alliance is formed. Though the samurais of Satsuma domain includes Takeji, Kichinosuke bows his head to Kogorō and the two domains form a partnership.  

The alliance is formed at the residence of KOMATSU Tatewaki in Kyoto


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