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This is the plot of "Shibahama" mentioned in the post on the 4th episode of "Idaten".

There was a man called Katsugorō. He was a peddler of fish and sold them well but he loved drinking sake very much. Because of this, he sometimes made a mistake and lived in poverty. One morning his wife got him out of bed so he went to buy in fish at a fish market in Shiba (Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo today). However it was too early so he washed his face at the beach (Shibahama) at twilight time and had a smoke. Then he found a leather purse at his feet and there was a large amount of money in it. He ran very fast to home and had a party with his friends. He drank sake heavily.

On the following morning, He who had a hangover was told by his wife that they had no money to pay for the sake he and his friends drank. He told her about the purse he picked up but she said that she didn't know about it. She also said that it was his dream. He looked for it but could not find it. So he thought it was a dream and made up his mind to give up drinking and set about his business in earnest.

From then on, he worked well and opened his shop on the main street three years later. His life became stable and had same saving. On the New Year's Eve of the year, he thanks his wife for having supported him and bows his head to her. Then she spoke about the purse he picked up three years ago. In reality, it was not his dream.  

She felt confused when she was shown a purse with a large amount of money. At that time, pocketing big money was a capital crime so she tried to avoid it. She consulted with the owner of the tenement house they live in about it. Then she told him it's a dream and he didn't pick up any purse. But the owner of the purse didn't appear so it was given to him.

He didn't blame his wife and thanked her who reformed him. She appreciated his effort and  offered him sake for the first time in a while. He once refused it but had his sake cup. However he put his cup down and said,
"I will stop drinking. I don't want to make this kind of happiness a mere dream".

(The wife of Katsugorō told him a lie that she wanted to reform him and avoid being executed because of pocketing the money. But he thought that his happiness always turns a dream so he stopped drinking on the New Year's Eve)


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