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Sego-don Omnibus 4

Chapter 2 Saisei (Rebirth)  (2)

Kichinosuke who changed his name into KIKUCHI Gengo feels gloomy and depressed in Amami Oshima. One day he sees a boy picks up a piece of sugar on the beach. TANAKA Yūnosuke, a magistrate of the island is angry with it and Kichinosuke tries to struggle with him. The people of the island are forced to make sugar but cannot enjoy its taste.  And Tuma, niece of RYŪ Samin who takes charge of Kichinosuke tells him that SHIMAZU Nariakira squeezed them because of his interest in Wectern culture so they felt happy when he died. Kichinosuke is surprised with her words.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) feels gloomy in Amami Oshima

Though Tuma dislikes Kichinosuke, she nurses him devotedly when he catches malaria. Since then Tuma becomes to be frank with him. And Kichinosuke makes rice balls for the  local children from his rice as stipend. However Samin and Tuma's brother Tomiken are captures for a false charge then the throng includes her visit the jail. In front of the jail, Yūnosuke appears and tells her to become his ango, local wife. She tries to cut her throat with her hairpin but is stopped by Kichinosuke. He destructs the key of the jail to save Samin and Tomiken. Tuma senses that she loves Kichinosuke and tells him about it. Then they get married. Kichinosuke gives her a name "Aikana" following the customs of the island.  

  Tuma (Fumi Nikaidō, left) and Kichinosuke get married

They have a son and Kichinosuke plans to name him Kikutarō but Samin tells him to name him Kikujirō. He realises that he will return to Satsuma someday. So he thinks that "Tarō" should be used for the first son between his legal wife whom he will marry in the future. One day, Kihcinosuke learns the assassination of II Naosuke from the letter of ŌKUBO Shōsuke. Soon after he changed his name into Ichizō visits Amami Oshima to recall him to Satsuma. And SHIMAZU Hisamitsu becomes "kokufu", father of the present lord after the death of his father Narioki. Hisamitsu wants Kichinosuke to serve him as his adviser. Though Aikana tells Ichizō that he will not return to Satsuma but at last he returns to his hometown. He changes his name again and calls himself OSHIMA San-emon.

Kichinosuke returns to Satrsuma with Ōkubo Ichizō (Eita, right) and changes his name into Ōshima San-emon


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