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My Impressions on "Sego-don" 1

The series describes the life of SAIGŌ Kichinosuke, later Takamori. And it really satisfies me. Needless to say, there are many fictional parts like other Taiga Drama series. The series is characteralised by the description of Kichinosuke in his childhood. He is described as a young and inexperienced man in his early days and is confused with the death of SHIMAZU Nariakira who gave him an important position.

Kichinosuke (right) in his childhood

SAIGŌ Takamori was originally a man who was one of the charismatic leaders in the Meiji Restoration and had a thought strongly influenced by royalism. However, describing a particular thought in TV dramas becomes to be restricted now because of political correctness. According to an article on the internet, the staff have to describe Kichinosuke as a man who supports the poor who gives them something without expecting anything to return unlike him in "Tobu ga Gotoku" that was broadcast in 1990.

Kichinosuke who becomes an adult man

The article also says that Ryōhei Suzuki plays the role of Kichinosuke who is an ordinary man rather than a super star in Japanese history perfectly. Though some viewers are dissatisfied with it, this may be an another way of describing him. Personally I think he is a good actor and the very man for the role.

The images are from the official website of "Segodon".


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