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The Historical Background of Sego-don 20

The Death of ŌKUBO Toshimichi

On the 14th of May in 1878, ŌKUBO Toshimichi was assassinated by the former samurais from Ishikawa Prefecture who were dissatisfied with the government. He was on the way to the Imperial Palace in Akasaka, Tokyo and said to have been killed instantly on the spot. The assassins includes SHIMADA Ichirō were arrested and executed in July. It was said that Shimada lured other men into the assassination.

Though Toshimichi seizes the power as naimu-kyo, he is isolated

Toshimichi was isolated. He who parted from Saigō Takamori gave high priority to domestic administration and the encouragement of new industry and he was right in a sence. However he and Takamori shared the same kind of experience went their respective ways. His old friend left Tokyo and established Shigakkō in Kagoshima to train youths. He suspected that he promotes something that is against the government and sent NAKAHARA Nao-o to spy the School. And then they came into conflict each other.

He becomes confused at the National Industrial Fair because Takamori didn't surrender

In this series, Toshimichi orders to make the fellows of Takamori surrender instead of sparing Takamori's life (In reality, it was YAMAGATA Aritomo who ordered so). He hopes that he will surrender at heart but he never does so and dies in the battle. Toshimichi is shocked by the death of his second self and grieves at it. On the following year, he is killed before れrealising his ambition. Thinking of his recollection in which Kichinosuke (Takamori) runs to him to go to Higo together, he in the series is essential to Kichinocuke and Eita who plays the role of Toshimichi says in the official website,
"I feel like that the series describes the romantic drama of Takamori and Toshimichi".
He also says,
"He (Toshimichi) was hated but he was a great man".

His statue stands in Kagoshima City

It was not till 1979 that his statue was sculptured because he was regarded as an enemy of Takamori.

The images are from the official website and Wikimedia Commons.


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