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BEPPU Shinsuke

He was born in 1847 as the second son of BEPPU Jūrō. He was a cousin of NAKAMURA Hanjirō, later KIRINO Toshiaki. He participated in the Boshin War and then accompanied SAIGŌ Takamori. In Tokyo, he became an officer of the Imperial Guards later.

In 1873, Takamori returned to Kagoshima after the Seikanron was strongly opposed. Then he made efforts to establish Shigakkō for Takamori. He instructed youths in cultivating new land but the spy activities of NAKAHARA Nao-o came to light and the staff and the students plan to start a rebellion against the government.

In February 1877, he led dokuritsu daitai (separate battalion) and arrived at Kawashiri. Then the battalion entered the war against the Government army based in Kumamoto Castle. Shinsuke surrounded the castle with the troops of SHINOHARA Kunimoto and MURATA Shinpachi and the Saigō army fought battles the Government army in Kumamoto prefecture.

As many soldiers died in the battles, he once returned to Kagoshima and beat up recruits. He then advanced to Kumamoto with them but was wounded in his leg and commanded some troops based in Kagoshima and Miyazaki (*) while having treatment however he couldn't fight well. He followed Takamori and returned to Kagoshima from Miyazaki crossing  Kyushu Mountains.

They climbed (Mount) Shiroyama and confined themselves to there to offer resistance. On the 24th of September 1877, Takamori and other soldiers made an attack on their enemy but Takamori who was shot and told him to help him to commit hara-kiri (kaishaku). After that he killed himself in combat. 

In this series, he goes to Tokyo to become a member of the Imperial Guards. But after Takamori resigned from his position, he also returned to Kagoshima and agrees with him who tries to go to Tokyo to make a direct appeal to the government. However they are attacked by the Government army and at last they includes Shinsuke start fighting and he finally helps Takamori to committ hara-kiri at Shiroyama.

(*) At that time, Miyazaki was annexed to Kagoshima.

The image shows Yūshin Shinohara ad Beppu Shinsuke
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