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 He was born in Satsuma domain, 1837. He was a son of SHINOHARA Zenbei and studied Japanese classics and Chinese classics. He also practiced swordsmanship, spearmanship, Japanese archery and horsemanship. He planned overthrowin the shogunate by arms with ARIMA Shinshichi in 1862 but ended in failure.

He participated in the Boshin War later. After the Meiji restoration, he became an officer of Kagoshima jōbi-tai (regular army) and when SAIGŌ Takamori led the army to Tokyo in 1871, he led some troops of it and it helped the realisation of Hai-han Chiken, abolishment of the domain system. He was an officer of the Imperial Guards also and it is said that Emperor Meiji who saw military drill at a maneuvering ground told the soldiers,
"Shinohara ni minarau yōni"
(The soldiers must follow his example)
and the ground became to be called Narashino (*).

After Takamori resigned his position and returned to Kagoshima, he followed him even though the Emperor stopped him. His return influenced the government and the army. After returning to Kagoshima, he cooperated with Takamori in establishing Shigakkō.  In 1877, he learned the torture on NAKAHARA Nao-o who tried to kill Takamori and the attack on the government's armoury. Then he agreed with the dispatch of the troops against the Government army.

He participated in the attack on Kumamoto Castle and then advanced to northern Kumamoto. He and his troop fought well but it is said that his strategy was rough a bit. On the 4th of March 1877, he was killed at Kichiji Path when he commanded the soldiers. However, his death lifted the spirits of the soldiers from Kagoshima.

The copy of his diary is kept in Kagoshima Library.

In this series, he is described as a man who is eager to establish Shigakkō and dispatch troops against the Government army.

(*) This is said to be a fiction. The ground was formerly used by the cavalry and is the ground for the 1st Airborne Brigade of the Self-defense Forces.

The image shows Hideo Sakaki as Shinohara Kunimoto
(From the official website of "Segodon")


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