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Sego-don Episode 45 Saigō Tatsu (Saigō Rises up)

Many people visit Kagoshima to enter Shigakkō. Not only those from Satsuma but two men called BAN Tomoyuki and SAKAKIBARA Masaharu from Shōnai, Yamagata were among them. They visit the school all the way from Yamagata as Takamori showed generosity towards former Shōnai domain in the Boshin War. And NAKAHARA Nao-o also left the government and returns to Kagoshima. Takamori then starts searching the land that should be cultivates with Kikujirō and enjoys getting into a hot spring with him. The period were the last happy days in his life. After that he takes Kikusō, younger sister of Kikujirō along to his home.

Takamori (Ryōhei Suzuki, far right) takes Kikusō (Yūki Yagi, second from the right) along to his home

In the same period of time, newspapers become to ctiricise the government and praise Takamori. ŌKUBO Toshimichi strongly feels that it needs to control the former samurais who are dissatisfied with the government. Then KAWAJI Toshiyoshi reports to him that he sent a spy to Kagoshima and the spy is Nao-o himself. Soon after the Order of abolishing wearing swords for the former samurais is issued. The staff and the students of the school become excited but the prefectural governor ŌYAMA Tsunayoshi announced that Shigakkō is watched by the government. So KIRINO Toshiaki takes the initiative and returns his sword "for the glory of Shigakkō established by Takamori" though he opposes it at heart and the others follow him. However the stipend for the former samurais is abolished and it causes the rebellions in Kyushu and Yamaguchi. It is still peaceful in Kagoshima and Takamori listens to the folk song of Amami Oshima by Kikusō. Then MURATA Shinpachi appears.

Nakahara Nao-o (Kōkichi Tanoue) is ordered to spy Shigakkō

Shinpachi tells Takamori that the staff including SHINOHARA Kunimoto, HENMI Jūrōta and some students plan to start a rebellion but KIRINO Toshiaki is not keen on it. Then Takamori appears in his farmer's working clothes and restrains them from realising it.
"Are you still considering doing such a thing?"
Then he advises them to unite but Kunimoto tells him a spy is sent to the school by the government. He adds that the former samurais of Kumamoto were destroyed by a spy also. So he suspects Tomoyuki and Masaharu who are from Shōnai and some of them who are there grab at them but are stopped by Shinpachi and Nao-o. Takamori then laughs them down and says that there is no problem in the school so it's meaningless if a spy will nose about the school. Then they break up but Nao-o mutters,
"He (Kunimoto) urged a boar away" (*). 

Shinohara Kunimoto (Hideo Sakaki), one of the staff of Shigakkō

Toshiaki cannot trust the government. And the government receives a telegram that says there seems to be dangerous developments in Kagoshima. Toshiyoshi tells Toshimichi about it so Toshimichi orders YAMAGATA Aritomo to make an arrangement for sending soldiers to Kumamoto Garrison in case of emergency. But Jūdō who is with Aritomo thinks that his brother is the last man to start a rebellion. Then he tells Toshimichi that he can prevent the former samurais in Japan from revolting but Toshimichi says it also means that he can lead all former samurais in Japan and start a rebellion. And if a spy sent to Kagoshima fails in stopping it, Takamori will be killed. Jūdō goes out of the room but is called and stopped by Toshiyoshi who says,
"Don't worry. Your brother never start a rebellion and Mr. Ōkubo also thinks so".
"And I don't want to kill my comrades from Satsuma".
And Toshimichi who is alone in his office also says to himself.
"Kichinosuke, do not start a rebellion...please". 

Jūdō (Ryō Nishikido) worries about his brother

Nao-o is in Shigakkō and sees a scrap of paper that says
"Bōzu o shisatsu seyo" (**).
Then BEPPU Shinsuke appears with a big sake bottle. They drink sake from it in turn and Nao-o asks Shinsuke to stop some radical fellows as Kunimoto in Shigakkō. And he tells him that a ship of the government comes to kagoshima to bring arms to Osaka. Shinsuke realises it's him who is a spy but Nao-o insists that he returned to protect Kagoshima. At that moment, Kunimoto, Jūrōta and Toshiaki appear there. It is their trap and they seize him. About the same time, Takamori enjoys taking a bath with Kikujirō but Kohei comes to them and tells his brother that the staff and the students attacked the armoury of the government. Nao-o was tortured and was forced to tell them where it stands. The news is informed to Tokyo. Toshimichi who learns it tells Aritomo and Kawaji to prepare for the near future.

Takamori warns Kirino Toshiaki (Takurō Ōno, left) who participated in torturing Nao-o

Then Takamori goes to Shigakkō and sees Nao-o who is hung up. Obviously he was badly tortured. Shinpachi tells him that it was impossible to stop those assaulted him. Then Takamori floors Toshiaki, Kunimoto and Jūrōta and says to them,
"What you did is treason!"
Then Toshiaki takes out a scrap of paper and hands it to Takamori. He tells him "Bōzu o shisatsu seyo" means assassinating Takamori and Kunimoto says Nao-o planned to destroy Shigakkō and kill him. Takamori asks Nao-o who is taken down to the floor about it but he doesn't answer it clearly. Toshiaki says that he and his fellows have been endured everything to support Takamori who plans to change Japan from Kagoshima. He says to Takamori,
"I cannot put up with Ōkubo Toshimichi who attempts to kill you who make efforts to assist him". 

Takamoro writes the words "Kei-ten Ai-jin", his motto

Takamori who hears his words has tears in his eyes. He stands up and encourages them to  go to Tokyo together. Their purpose is making a direct appeal to the government for the former samurais in Japan and those who had gone before the Meiji Restoration. He adds that he and his group should return to Kagoshima again. After returning to home, he puts the dagger given by Nariakira in front of a piece of paper and writes the words ”Kei-ten Ai-jin" (Respect Heaven, Love People) on it. That night Kikujirō asks his father to let him join the group. Ito opposes it and Takamori tells him there is a possibility that a war breaks out. But Kichijirō is determined.

Ito (Haru Kuroki) wants to know what her husband really intends to do

It starts snowing and Takamori sits down besides the fireplace. Ito begs him to stop the appeal by insinuation. And she asks him what is the real purpose of the journey but Takamori answers nothing. As their departure is approaching, Tsunayoshi reminds them not to take up arms but petition and on the 17th of February 1877, Takamori and his group depart for Tokyo. In the showfall for the first time in 50 years, they hear the news that those in other prefectures who sympathise with them will join the group. And KATSURA Hisatake who wears hitatare worn under the armour in former times joins them also. KAIEDA Takeji tells Takamori the words of Shimazu Hisamitsu. Takamori bows to the castle and goes out of his house while Kikusō sings a folk song. In Tokyo, the government officials learn that Takamori raises an army by a telegram from Kumamoto. Toshimichi tries to go to Kagoshima to stop him but IWAKURA Tomomi keeps him back.

Takamori in military uniform leads the group and departs for Tokyo

(*) Maybe it means that Kunimoto stirs up the staff and the students by mentioning spy.
(**) In this case, "shisatsu" means "stab somebody dead" and "watch something". Some say that Nao-o didn't plan to kill Takamori but watch him. "Bōzu" means Takamori himself.

The images are from the official website of "Segodon".


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