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He was born in Tosa domain in 1837. He was the heir of INUI Masashige, an upper class samurai and is said to be a descendant of ITAGAKI Nobukata who served TAKEDA Shingen. He became familiar with GŌTŌ Shōjirō who was also from upper-class. On the other hand, , he was broad-minded and interacted with NAKAOKA Shintarō who was from lower-class. But he never had met SAKAMOTO Ryōma.

Except for house arrest in his younger days, he held some important positions including a close adviser of YAMAUCHI Yōdō, lord of Tosa domain. Unlike other upper-class samurais, he attempted to overthrow the shogunate by arms and formed the secret alliance between Tosa and Satsuma. 

He commanded the Tosa Army in the Boshin War and fought in the series of the battles from Kai (current Yamanashi), northern Kanto region and Aizu. Before fighting in Kai, he was advised by IWAKURA Tomomi to change his family name into Itagaki as the region was formerly ruled by Shingen.

In Aizu, he saw the people were indifferent to MATSUDAIRA Katamori who surrendered and was sent to Tokyo. He thought it is due to the heavy tax domain and he decided to make the people united and abolish the status syatem under the shogunate. This idea is the beginning of the Movement of Civil Rights and Freedom in the 1880s (Jiyū Minken Undō).

He was appointed to councilor of the government in 1873 but resigned his position with Shōjirō and SAIGŌ Takamori because they came into collision with ŌKUBO Toshimichi over Seikanron. On the following year, he petitioned the government to establish the popularly-elected parliament. In 1882, he established Jiyu-tō (Liberal Party)  but was attacked by a thug and was wounded. At that time he said,
"Even if I die, liberty will not die out".

In 1882, he traveled Europe with Shōjirō and bought a Loouis vuitton bag (Some say it's not him but Shōjiro). After two years, he dissolved Jiyū-tō because its activity became radical. Later he became the ministers of the Cabinets of ITŌ Hirobumi and ŌKUMA Shigenobu.He retired from politice in 1900 and then devoted himself to reform society. He died in 1919.

In this series, he is describes as a man who represents Tosa domain together with Gotō Shōjirō. He is one of those who opposed the idea of Ōkubo Toshimichi and left the government.

The image shows Kiyohiko Shibukawa as Itagaki Taisuke
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